Crete isthe largest Greek island. It is marked by varied landscapes. Mountainous reliefs and fine beach sands characterize it. Visitors can also enjoy museums and other cultural places. It has a warm Mediterranean climate. In addition, the weather is mild during this period. In addition, several important events take place in January.

What does Crete have in store for you in January? Let’s take stock!

Going to Crete in January: tickets at what price?

Flights to Crete from France in January have one or more stopovers. The latter are usually carried out in Paris and Athens.

How to find tickets to Greece?

Flights from 400€ round trip in January to Crete.

Connections depart from Paris, Lyon, Marseille and Nice.

Flight Paris Crete in January

From Paris, the best offer is 407 € round trip.

The duration of the flight is 9h38 min. However, the flight time may be longer from one company to another at the same fare. Departures are in the morning at 9:35 am or in the evening at 9:00 pm depending on the company. Arrivals are scheduled for 4:30 pm and 9:20 am.

Flight Lyon Crete in January

From Lyon to Crete in January, the best offer is estimated at € 486 return.

The duration of the trip is 13 h 25 (or 17 h 25 depending on the company) for a flight time of 09 h 25 min. It is possible to leave Lyon in the morning at 6 am or in the evening at 9 pm. In the first case, the arrival in Crete is scheduled at 4:25 pm or at 1:25 pm for the second flight.

Flight Marseille Crete in January

From Marseille, the cheapest flight is 529 €.

For a duration of 14 hours (it can reach 19h 25 for another company at the same price). Departures are at 7:05 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., with arrivals at 4:25 p.m. to 3:25 p.m.

Flight Nice Crete in January

The cheapest flights are at 455 €.

From Nice, you can arrive in Crete between 1pm and 6pm depending on the company. Departures are at 7:10 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. for arrivals at 4:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.

Prices shown are subject to increase or decrease due to several factors.

Crete in January : where to sleep ?

By dint of searching and searching « 
hotels Crete
« and surfing, you may have lost your way on the internet. But don’t worry: Crete Autrement is here to help you book your stay in Crete! Go to the map of hotels and villas below to finally plan your trip to Crete:

Climate Crete January : what weather to expect ?

In January in Crete, the weather forecast announces low temperatures.

A maximum temperature of 5°C is expected. And the expected minimum is -1°C.

On the other hand, an average of 10 hours of sunshine is expected.

Where to go in Greece in winter?

Beautiful landscapes are waiting for you in Crete at the beginning of the year!

Crete has a Mediterranean climate. It is a bit cooler than in mainland Greece. During the winter, the interior is colder than the coast. The weather is quite mild in January with frequent rain on the north coast and snow in the mountains.

12 days of rain are forecast.

Temperatures can exceptionally rise to 14°C during this period. Indeed, January is the heart of the winter season. During this period, Crete does not experience a significant change in temperature during the day.

Crete in January: what events?

What to do in Crete
in January and in the middle of winter? Ask for the program!

Blessing of the Waters Ceremony

Winter is an occasion in Crete to attend religious ceremonies. In January, it is possible to attend the ceremony of the blessing of the waters. This event is called Epiphany « Appearance of God ».

He sees young men diving into the waters. They are trying to recover the cross that the pope threw. The Greeks celebrate this day the coming of Jesus on earth. As well as the baptism of the messiah by St. John the Baptist in the waters of the Jordan.

The New Year

The New Year’s celebration (St. Basil’s Day) is an opportunity to give gifts to each other. People can also dance and sing after the religious ceremony. A coin is hidden in the Vasilopita. It is the traditional cake of the New Year. The tradition wants that the one who finds the coin is accompanied by luck.

A stay in Crete in January is a good opportunity to discover this island and to immerse yourself in the sublime landscapes.