Afterhard work and dedication, the body and mind need to rest and discover a different landscape. Take advantage of these moments to reconnect with family and friends. Crete is the perfect destination to relax. The fine beach sand, the tourist centers, the recreational activities. Everything is there for a well-deserved vacation. Set course for the land of the Olympian gods.

Going to Crete in February: what price tickets?

There is no favorite month for a little trip to the island of Candie.

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How to find tickets to Greece?

Fly to Crete from 110€ in February!

Finding the right time to buy cheap air tickets to Crete is therefore quite easy. Depending on the city of departure, find the price of the ticket to the island of Crete.

Here are the prices of some French cities and airports to go to Crete in February:

  • Paris to Heraklion, from 530 euros ;
  • Lyon to Heraklion, from 112 euros ;
  • Marseille to Heraklion, from 253 euros ;
  • Nice to Heraklion, from 201 euros.

Where to sleep in Crete in February?

Hotel in Crete
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Climate Crete February : what weather to expect ?

Visiting Crete in February is the best time to be calm and quiet during the visit.

Indeed, this month of the year is quite wet with rainfall up to 73 mm. It is therefore necessary to equip yourself with a coat to avoid catching the cold, as well as a fairly thick suit.

During the night the temperature drops to 9°C and during the day it is 12°C.

Where to eat in Crete in winter?

A good coat and the view from this tavern is yours!

In short, it’s a little bit unstable, but you can enjoy the quietness to make your visits. During this month, you can warm up with a cup of hot chocolate or by a fire in one of the famous Cretan taverns of the island!

Crete in February: what events?

If you visit Crete during the month of February, you should not miss some of the city’s cultural events. Parties and festivals are organized and it is the way to immerse yourself in the Greek culture.

The carnival of Rethymnon

Apart from the big cat parade, the carnival of Rethymno is one of the biggest festivals in Greece. As its name suggests, it takes place in the city of
in the north of Crete.

During this carnival, you will be able to watch small moving skits and don’t miss the masked ball.

There’s no way we’re going home without a tour.

The Caranaval of Rethymnon usually takes place on February 29.

This is the time to discover the Cretan culture.

Agios Charalambos

For Christians, February is also a good time to visit the ridge. This carnival marks the beginning of the fasting period before Easter. This carnival takes place one week before the beginning of the lean Monday. The period of Lent is very respected especially by women and it is forbidden to consume meat or even milk.

During this period, enjoy the decoration of the churches on Palm Sunday. On Good Friday, the whole city mourns and celebrates the burial of Christ. On Holy Saturday, all churches sing the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The month of February offers many distractions and even carnivals. Don’t forget your coats for those chilly nights. During this time of the year, tourists are in small numbers, which makes it possible to enjoy a good visit to the city. Book your hotel room for a prestigious stay. Depending on your budget, pay for your plane ticket and head for the island of Candie.