ZZakynthos is a heavenly island to visit and where the weather is good all year round. There is a very colorful vegetation and landscapes that have kept their originality until now. It is the ideal destination for lounging on the beach, booking a nice hotel, swimming in dreamy coves with turquoise water or walking in mountains that impress both by their picturesque size and their appearance.

We present here some details that make the particularity of the Greek island. But first, let’s discover its history.

How to get to Zakynthos by ferry ?

In the west of the Greek mainland and in the middle of the Ionian archipelago, lies Zakynthos. But how to get there?

First of all, note that it is quite possible to get there by plane, from Paris or Marseille for example.

But what about the ferry to Zakynthos?

A little more than 3 hours from the capital Athens, lies the port of Kyllini. It is from this city that you can board a “Zakynthos Ferry” to go to Zakynthos. In less than 1 hour of crossing and at a rate of 4 to 10 connections per day, the island is yours!

It will cost you 10,40€ per person with or without car.

Where to sleep in Zakynthos?

Book your hotel

In the opinion of many tourists (and us), the island of Zakynthos is one of the most beautiful Greek islands to stay on during your vacation. With its incredible beachfront hotels and beautiful beaches, feel free to find your future hotel in Zakynthos on this map:


Book a villa with pool in Zakynthos

If the hotel option does not suit you, why not opt for renting a house on the island of Zakynthos? For a vacation with friends or family, we warmly recommend
rent the villa Verykokakis Village
Verykokakis Village is located at only 3km from the first beach: Agios Sostis Beach.

Which hotel to choose in Zakynthos?

Where to sleep in Zakynthos ?

Where to stay in Zakynthos ?

Book now this beautiful luxury villa in Zakynthos with sea view for your next vacation!

What to do on the island of Zakynthos in 2023?

1. Navagio : discover the Bay of the Shipwreck !

What to do in Zakynthos?

In Zakynthos, there is no risk of getting bored. You will surely have one of the best vacations of your life. On the beach of Navagio for example, the change of scenery is guaranteed. The landscape is breathtaking and we find a wreck dating from the 80s and which was abandoned by cigarette smugglers who were shipwrecked and would have fled before the arrival of the Police! Ideal to live “Pirates of the Caribbean live”.

A landscape that you probably already know from having seen it on Instagram or on videos that have been circulating a lot on social networks.

Navagio is indeed an ultra popular spot for influencers, but also for divers, sailboats in anchorage or base jumpers (most beautiful base jump spot in the world?).

The island of Zakynthos also offers many other beaches where you can swim or simply sunbathe on the fine sand or white pebbles. The water is crystal clear and has a very good temperature.

2. The marine turtles: true emblems of the island

Just by walking through the streets of the island of Zakynthos, you can see that turtles are very common.

Indeed, the reason is quite simple, its waters represent one of the most important places of laying of the Mediterranean of several species of turtles, of which one in particular: the Caretta Caretta.

What to see in Zakynthos?

The females lay their eggs on the shores during the first days of June and the young turtles emerge after 55 days to reach the sea. The beaches are therefore constantly monitored to ensure the survival of this species.

3. Ammos Taverna: best restaurant on the island?

The island’s cuisine is mainly based on fish and seafood and the dishes are offered at very affordable prices.

There is no better way to enjoy good food alone, with friends or family.

Special chin to one of the best rated restaurants in Zakynthos, Ammos Taverna, which offers just seafood, grilled fish and typical Greek dishes for a price per head from 4 to 19 €.

4. Car Keri: for a sunset with multiple colors

What is the climate like in Zante?
THE sunset spot for couples.

And if you go there as a couple, don’t miss the sunsets. It is true that they are everywhere in Greece and Crete, but on the island of Zakynthos they are unique.

It’s a moment you may never forget.

5. Survey the island of Zakynthos in search of its picturesque villages

Zakynthos is the city of Zakynthos of course, but it is also a panel of small villages incredibly typical and emblematic of Greece, for those who like to immerse themselves in the culture of a country while traveling.

We recommend you to choose one of the following

  • Keri : perched on its mountain 20km from Zakynthos, Keri and its 700 inhabitants remain relatively far from the tourist waves. And that’s good! Near Cap Keri, the village invites you through its small streets and other traditional houses.
  • Macherado : more populated, this village is worth a visit especially for its church, Agia Mavra, and its monastery, of an immaculate white. A vision that immediately captures the heart of this very green region.
  • Kambi : village also perched on top of its cliff, it offers to the visitors an exceptional point of view on the sea and some beautiful tables, they also with sea view!

Weather Zakynthos: what is the weather like all year long?

What to visit on the island of Zakynthos?

What is the weather like in Zakynthos? The island of Zakynthos is blessed with a year-round mild climate.

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In addition, the island also offers 10 hours of sunshine per day to its inhabitants and tourists.

The history of Zakynthos

Still called the island of Zakynthos, the island owes its name to the son of the king of Troy who built an entire city there. It is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece.

It covers an area of 402 km² and is accessible by ferry (and therefore by car and bus) and plane.

In 1953, it was the victim of an earthquake that destroyed all the buildings there. But thanks to a reconstruction program, they have all been restored to their original state.

The island of Zakynthos is mainly animated at the level of its capital Zakynthos where one finds a splendid port which deserves the turning. Its paradisiacal beaches and the numerous activities that are organized on the island cheer up the tourists who are passing through.