Mykonos or the iconic Greek island and resort! You have to go there at least once in your life to feel the pulse of the party in Greece. If Santorini in the Cyclades archipelago, is an incredible island, or Corfu What about Mykonos ? From its lively atmosphere to its dreamy beaches and luxurious, pearly white accommodations: let’s all meet in Mykonos!

Mykonos Covid : what’s the situation like in 2022 ?

Covid-19 in Crete

The risk level currently on the Greek island is quite low. On site, tourists can take normal security measures.

Entry to Greece is allowed to all travelers by air, to and from all its airports, as well as by sea, road and rail.

All travelers from Europe or the Schengen area must present the following documents to enter Greece (including children under five years old):

  • Valid European Union Digital Covid Certificate (EUDCC) or one recognized by the EMA, more than 14 days and less than 9 months after the complete vaccination schedule (complete schedule = 2 doses for a two-dose vaccine, e.g. Pfizer – and 1 dose for a single-dose vaccine, e.g. Janssen) or without time limitation for travelers who have completed a booster dose (3rd dose or 2nd dose in the case of a single-dose vaccine);
  • European Digital Recovery Certificate over 14 days and under 180 days following a positive test;
  • Negative PCR test performed less than 72 hours before arrival in Greece;
  • Rapid negative antigen test less than 24 hours before arrival in Greece.

It should be noted that currently, the wearing of a mask is mandatory in the

Where to sleep in Mykonos?

1. Find your hotel

During your stay in Greece, you will have the choice of staying in a beautiful Greek hotel or a villa by the sea. The dream!

To find your accommodation in Mykonos, we invite you to explore the map below:

2. Find a cheap hotel in Mykonos

In order not to explode your vacation budget, Booking allows you to find the best hotel deals in Mykonos all year round, on this map :

Villa rental

Traveling and spending your vacation in Mykonos is also the possibility of renting a villa in Greece in every way splendid. Sea view, pool, pearly white and exquisite taste: discover below the most beautiful villas for rent in Mykonos!

What to do in Mykonos? 7 best things to do in 2022

1. Visite Chora

A real Greek postcard! The streets of Chora are bright and colourful! On the island of Mykonos lies the eponymous town of Mykonos, otherwise known as “Chora”, the main town of the island, which is made up of narrow, charming streets by the sea. Here you will find a wide selection of hotels, bars as well as fashion/jewellery shops and much more.

Que faire à Chora ?

It’s a pleasure to walk around day and night, as the city has banned motor vehicles, so everyone gets around the city on foot or by bike. It’s beautiful in the photos you see on many Instagram feeds: the blue and white facades of the houses stand in front of the waves that break at their feet.

The dike is separated by a narrow footbridge. Visitors and locals alike can sit on chairs on sunny days. There is no better place to be! These beautiful houses date from the 18th century. They were built by the Venetians. Their architecture is more square than the others. Alexandra was the original name of the area that is now called “Little Venice”. This is a reference to the fact that women used to wash their clothes here in the past. It’s hard to imagine what it was like back then. Enjoy the views from the bars and restaurants.

Enjoy a walk through the cool alleys. You will be charmed by the place!

2. Experience Mykonos beaches!

Où se baigner en Grèce ?

Most tourists come to Greece, to the Cyclades and to this island just for that: the clear water beaches. The beaches of Mykonos, like most of Greece, are breathtaking: fine white sand, translucent and refreshing sea, heavenly coves…

The best:

  • Paradise Beach, to party all night long
  • Super Paradise Beach, LGBT friendly
  • Kalafatis Beach, for water sports

For wilder and less popular beaches, go to :

  • Paraga Agia Anna,
  • Lia,
  • Agios Sostis,
  • Capari,
  • Agios Stefanos

3. Party like never before

Of course, partying has always been the island’s biggest asset. So it’s hard not to mention Mykonos’ nightlife, its bars and discos, as an obvious reason to visit the Greek island! The best places to party in Mykonos :

  • Paradise Beach, to party on the beach until sunrise
  • Super Paradise Beach and its LGBT ambiance
  • Guapaloca, beach club
  • Tropicana, most famous restaurant-club in Mykonos
  • Cavo Paradiso, one of the 10 best nightclubs in the world!
  • JackieO, beach club
  • et Kalua, restaurant and beach club.

4. A dream cruise

Of course, when in Mykonos, you want to experience Greece by the sea. To do so, you can either rent a boat or book a day long trip like you can see below:

If there is ONE country in Europe made for catamaran or sailboat cruises, it is of course Greece. And beautiful Mykonos is no exception to this tradition. To easily launch yourself into a dream excursion at sea (catamaran, trimaran, sailboat, motorboat…) with your other half, your friends or your family, dive in below!

5. Eat greek!

Local food is an area of Mykonian appeal that is often overlooked. There are some lovely restaurants on this island, as well as some of the best restaurants in the Cyclades!

Consider choosing a place that combines local cuisine with stunning views of the Aegean Sea.

Food prices in Mykonos are slightly higher than on popular islands such as : Naxos, Chios or Kefalonia.

Que manger à Héraklion ?

If you want to try a good local restaurant (why woulnd’t you?), here is our top 7 in Mykonos:

  • Catari, trattoria,
  • Nammos, beach restaurant,
  • Kiki, greek tavern,
  • Taverne Nikos, greek tavern,
  • Kazarma, fresh and italian food
  • Interni, mediteranean,
  • Spilia Seaside, mediteranean.

6. Visiter Delos island

Que faire à Mykonos ?

One of the highlights of your travel history will be a trip to the nearby island of Delos. The entire island is a UNESCO heritage site and is considered the birthplace of the twin gods Apollo and Artemis. You’ll pass through ruins of churches, markets, residences, museums and works of art, especially from the 6th to 1st century BC, the golden era of Delos. But don’t stop there. A day trip can take you to the island of Rinia to relax and visit.

Book your visit below:

7. Take outstanding photos for your Instagram feed

If you love photography and want to publish great pictures on social networks, you must know some of the best places to do so on the Cyclades!

Que faire à Mykonos ?

Main places to capture are:

  • Panagia Paraportiani famous church,
  • Mykonos windmills (like the photo above),
  • Little Venice seaside,
  • Mykonos old port,
  • and the beautiful beaches of the island.

Just leave your camera on all day to capture every moment!

7 Best things to do in Mykonos as a couple

Où se baigner à Mykonos ?

For lovers interested in the very intriguing island of Mykonos, there are many things to do there. As a couple or with friends, you can :

  1. Visit Delos island by boat,
  2. Swim in Lia Beach (photo above),
  3. Photograph Mykonos windmills at sunset or sunrise,
  4. Romantic diner at the beach,
  5. Tan in Agios Sostis Beach,
  6. Eat at Kalo Livadi Beach,
  7. Party in Paradise Beach Club !

6 Best things to do in Mykonos as a family

For families, there are many activities on the Greek island, including

  • Visit the mysterious neighbouring island of Delos by sailboat.
  • Fojos Beach, a beach without music, noise or parties: ideal for families!
  • Discover the secrets of the windmills of Mykonos…
  • Agios Sostis Beach, a quiet beach where you can also lay your towel: fine sand, snorkelling and relaxation
  • Platis Gialos Beach, a very colourful and quiet beach of Mykonos where you can rent comfortable deckchairs.
  • Take a cruise on a sailing boat or catamaran

When to go to Mykonos?

July and august for party animals

In Mykonos, the weather is good everywhere from March to November. On average, the hottest months in Platis Gialos Beach (the famous beach of Mykonos) are July, August and September, and the coolest months are January and February. For party people, we recommend the 3 summer months: from the end of June to the end of August. For the others, prefer May and September for beautiful days, very fresh water and less people on the island.


The best time to go to Greece is mid-season: spring and autumn. The weather is beautiful, with warmer temperatures and not so much on the beach. Avoid the cold and winter if possible: some tourist attractions are closed.

What budget to go to Mykonos?

Is life expensive?

Your tripBudget
Food (per day and per person)11 to 20 €
Bus / taxi (per day and per person)8 to 15 €
rent a deckchair on a beach20 to 30 €
Total budget for 2 persons and 2 weeks in MykonosFrom 2200 €

What budget to go to Greece?

Mykonos being one of the most expensive islands in Greece, as it is also one of the most expensive, do not hesitate to compare with the average budget for travel in Greece:

A 1 persone 14 days tripMedium budgetLarge budget
Hotel (2 to 3 stars) per day and person25 €45 €
Food per day and person20 €35 €
Activities per day and person15 €25 €
Total per person1350 €1 810 €

How to get around on the island?

Mykonos offers a variety of modes of transport, bus, taxi, car, scooter or bicycle to choose from. Bus: KTL is a bus repair company that serves the villages of Mykonos, such as Agios Stephanos, Elia and Kalafatis. The bus station is opposite the main beach.

Where to see a great sunset in Mykonos?

Que faire en Grèce ?

The Scorpius, the island’s must-see beach club, with its bohemian decor, party atmosphere and delicious menu, is one of the best places to see a sunset on the island!

You can also experience this magical moment on the sea, aboard a sailboat or a catamaran:

Where to party in Mykonos?

Among our top clubs and discos in Mykonos, we recommend :

  • Scorpius
  • Tropicana Sea Bar
  • Cavo Paradiso
  • Paradise Club
  • Scandinavian Bar
  • Kalua
  • Super Paradise

Mykonos weather: what’s the weather like all year long?

What is the weather like in Mykonos? When to go to the Cyclades island? To get a clearer idea, check out the maximum and minimum temperatures below, from January to December.

Temperatures lowTemperatures max
Temperatures lowTemperatures max

Finally, note that there is very little rain all year round. It does not rain in July and August. 2 and 3 days of rain on average respectively in June and September, which are perhaps the best months to travel to Mykonos avoiding the crowds while enjoying exceptional conditions!