Like many French, Belgian, European or worldwide tourists, you are planning to fly to the Greek island of Crete? Great idea!

But what is the budget to travel in Crete?

  • What about restaurants?
  • Hotels?
  • Transportation?
  • Entertainment?

To better prepare your trip to Crete, let’s make a little budget point together…

Budget Crete : our global estimation

Where to spend your vacations in the Mediterranean?

A one week stay in Crete usually costs around 375 € for one person but this budget can of course be lower if you are a good manager.

For example, a trip for two people will run you about €750 for a week.

About the airfare, it is difficult to give an approximate price since it depends greatly on the period during which you travel and your geographical point of departure.

The first item of expenditure on site will certainly be the accommodation. Again, the estimate depends mainly on the type of housing you choose. Count on average 28 euros for a night in a single room and 55 euros for a double room. Note that the price per person will be lower if there are more of you and you share the cost of accommodation for example.

How to find a cheap hotel in Crete?

To keep your travel budget under control on this Greek island vacation, you can for example choose to minimize accommodation costs. For that, we propose you below to discover the best offers and promotions of the moment on Booking :

For more choices, we give you an appointment on this map of Crete :

What budget to eat in Crete in 2023?

All major cities in Crete have enough bars and restaurants for visitors to choose from. Throughout the island you will find restaurants including classic Greek taverns, traditional cuisine and some of the best fresh fish caught directly from the sea. The local markets will also allow you to taste all kinds of Cretan cheeses, and even some fried varieties that melt in the mouth, not to mention the olive oil. With over 15 million olive trees, locals use it in just about every dish imaginable.

What to eat in Heraklion?

While the price of meals in Crete can vary, the average cost for food is 17 euros per day, or just over 6 euros per meal.

The price of breakfast is usually a little cheaper than lunch or dinner. In Crete, as in most Western countries, the price of food in sit-down restaurants is often higher than in fast food or street food.

How much does it cost to travel in Crete?

Crete has three important airports. Nikos Kazantzakis airport in Heraklion and Daskalogiannis airport in Chania serve international routes and are the main gateways to the island for travelers. There is also a smaller airport, located in Sitia.

The island is also well served by ferries. Minoan, Anek and Blue Star operate daily between Athens and Heraklion. From Heraklion, Anek also has a weekly service to Karpathos, Kasos, Milos, Rhodes and Santorini.

Once on the island, you can choose to travel by rental car, cab or bus. There are three bus stations in Heraklion, one local and the other two serving most of the other main attractions on the island. The cost of a cab ride in Crete is significantly higher than the cost of public transport.

On average, travelers spend 10 Euro per person per day on local transportation in Crete.

What is the budget to have fun in Crete?

Which beach to do in Crete?
The incredible waters of Elafonisi.

Apart from the tourist sites of the city, Crete has some attractions that attract naturalists. Just east of Heraklion, in the north of Crete, is the town of Chersonisos, home to the Aquaworld aquarium and the reptile rescue center. This marine rescue center is home to some of the local marine life and reptiles from around the world. The center offers a unique aquarium experience as hands-on interaction with many animals is allowed and even encouraged.

As far as beaches are concerned, one of the most beautiful in Crete is Elafonissi beach, located at the western end of the island. It is in fact an island located just southwest of Crete, and much of its well-preserved condition is due to its status as a protected nature reserve. The surrounding area is a turquoise lagoon with white sandy beaches and shallow waters so calm that you can cross the Cretan Sea to Elafonissi on foot. The beach and lagoon of Balos, at the northwest corner, is another breathtaking place by the sea. Here too the waters are shallow and turquoise and the beaches are white and sandy. There is also an area just beyond the lagoon, which is good for snorkeling, and is closer to civilization for those who want to be close to amenities.

In addition to all these activities, which are totally free because they are public, there are also

Entertainment and activities cost an average of only 11 euros in a traveler’s budget.

This amount includes admission fees to museums and attractions, day tours and other tour-related expenses.

What to see in Crete in 2023?

Greece’s largest and most populated island, Crete, has become a frequent vacation destination for many visitors. The relief of the place is very varied, very mountainous extending from east to west, with lush valleys, fertile plateaus, gorges and famous caves like Idaion, the birthplace of the Greek god Zeus.

Diving and sunbathing on the program!

The small islands and surrounding beaches are also key attractions. Beyond the natural wonders, Crete is also famous for its Minoan civilization, one of the oldest recorded civilizations in Europe. There are some archaeological sites on the island, such as the Palace of Knossos, and many museums that are worth visiting for those who want to immerse themselves in the history of the place.

Whether you intend to enjoy the natural wonders of Crete, prefer to explore the culture of its cities and history, or want to do a little bit of everything, this island has plenty to occupy an extended visit. If you are planning a trip to Crete and would like to know how much it will cost you financially, here is an overview of the main expenses of a vacationer in one of the most beautiful islands of Greece.