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Do you dream of an infinity pool?

Spa to give your body all the rest it needs?

To live for a few days in luxury?

High-end bedding to sleep like you haven’t slept in a long time?

If these are your criteria for where to sleep in Crete on your next trip to the island of the Gods, here is the :

TOP 10 HOTELS IN CRETE (attention the 10th is the most beautiful…)

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1. Hotel Kissamos : your luxury hotel in Crete by the sea

Do you type in your search engine such as “Crete luxury hotel”, “
villa rental in Crete
“, “Crete seaside hotel” or “Crete 5 star hotel”?

We can help you!

Balos is certainly an exceptional place to see in Crete, but it is impossible to stay and sleep in this wild place. You will have to go to Kissamos and why not to
Balos Beach Hotel in Kissamos
to admire the sea from the pool!

Where to find a hotel in Kissamos?

Take advantage of the Spa facilities during your stay.

Fantastic standings for a hotel of only 3 stars, at 550€ a week for a couple only!

2. Hotel Chania : 5 star hotel in Crete and seaside

A hotel built in an old Venetian house. A luxury and a licked design. Comfort at all times. Incomparable views of Chania. A high standard Spa.
Book your stay at this hotel in Chania, Casa Delfino Hotel & Spa
This is definitely one of the most beautiful hotels in Crete!

Which luxury hotel to choose in Crete?

Beautiful and warm Venetian room.

Where to find a Spa in Chania?

Total rest…

A 5 star hotel offering nights from 200€, including breakfast for a couple.

3. Hotel Rethymnon : among the most beautiful hotels in Crete

For those who would like to sleep in the north of Crete, between Heraklion and Chania, here is a luxury establishment that would be delighted to welcome you (in couples!).
Book your room in this hotel in Rethymnon, the Pepi Boutique Hotel in Rethymnon
for an upscale stay and for lovers!

Where to find a hotel in Rethymnon?

Swimming pool, sunbathing, nap and meal in the sun.

Where to find a luxury hotel in Rethymnon?

Incredibly spacious rooms.

A luxury hotel highly rated by tourists, offering nights from 140€, including breakfast.

4. Hotel Hersonissos : your luxury hotel in Crete with private pool

Hersonissos is one of the most lively and charming resorts in Crete. In this wonderful setting, an establishment overlooks the city on its heights to offer a breathtaking view to its visitors.
Book your room in this hotel in Hersonissos, Creta Blue Boutique Hotel

Where to sleep in Hersonissos?

A hotel that offers bungalows with sea view and private pool!
Book your room here

Which hotel to choose in Hersonissos?

Look out over all of Hersonissos from the Creta Blue Boutique Hotel.

Where to sleep in Crete? The best hotels on the island.

Exceptional view on the Mediterranean Sea.

A luxury hotel Crete private pool, 4 stars and 900m from the beach, for rooms from 100€/night, in Hersonissos.

5. Hotel Malia : luxury hotel with sea view in Crete

Vacation clubs, apartments for rent, luxury villas, hotels of all kinds… Malia, a seaside resort in the north of Crete, a few kilometers from Hersonissos and Elounda, offers many types of accommodations. But Crete Autrement offers you this incredible luxury hotel in Crete!

Book your stay at this
hotel in Malia, the Spa Ikaros Beach, Luxury & Resort
The Ikaros Beach Spa, Luxury & Resort is a beachfront hotel in Malia!

Where to sleep in Malia?

Restaurant with view

Which hotel in Malia?

A luxury hotel near the beach!

Ikaros Beach is one of the most popular luxury hotels in Crete for its private beach, its facilities and its standing. From 1700€ for two and for a week.

6. Hotel Matala : your hotel on the beach

Direction now one of the mythical beaches of Crete: Matala. A place out of time and this, for 2 reasons:

  • Its beach and its troglodytic caves dug in the cliffs overhanging the bay.
  • The very strong hippie heritage of the place, where Janis Joplin or Bob Dylan had their quarters!

Would you like to find a hotel in Matala so that you too can be in this timeless place? Crete Autrement warmly recommends you to
book a stay in this hotel in Matala, Matala Caves Seafront Apartment
and its breathtaking view of the beach!

Where to sleep in Matala Beach?

Unique view on Matala!

An incredible apartment, on the beachfront, for 1000€ a week for 2 people.

7. Hotel Elounda: breathtaking 5 star hotel in Crete

Elounda is best known as the (very beautiful) Cretan coastal village looking the mythical island of Spinalonga in the eye. A few hundred meters from the island of Lepers, Elounda has the advantage of being a vacation spot offering primarily luxury hotels and resorts. Among the most beautiful of the island of Greece.

So don’t hesitate a single second before
book your stay at this hotel in Elounda, Domes of Elounda, Autograph Collection

Where to sleep in Elounda?

Privileged view on Spinalonga

Where to find a luxury hotel in Elounda?

A high-end spa.

A luxury hotel, but above all, a 5 star hotel in Crete and Elounda, from 2400€ per week.

8. Hotel Agios Nikolaos : your luxury hotel in Crete with private beach

Agios Nikolaos, in the east of Crete, is a town known as one of the “jet set” spots of the island of the Gods. Often referred to as the “St Tropez of Greece”, the resort is a year-round delight for tourists, partygoers and vacationers looking for beautiful hotels.

If this is your case,
book now your hotel in Agios Nikolaos, the Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas

Where to sleep in Crete?

Infinity pool overlooking the hotel’s private cove.

Where to sleep in Agios Nikolaos?

Room with pool and view!

A particularly luxurious and extraordinary hotel in Agios Nikolaos, Crete. Couples can book a room on site from 3000€ per week.

9. Hotel in Kato Gouves: feet in the water!

Exceptional establishment that we propose you in Gouves. A true luxury hotel in Crete, the Sensus Experience by Lavrus in Gouves is not only a pleasure to be in, but also a pleasure to behold! Its very modern configuration and its rooms with feet in the water make it a must on the Greek island! 

Book your stay at the Sensus Experience here!

10. Stella Island Resort: the most beautiful hotel on the island!

You may have already seen it on your Instagram feed, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful hotels in the world, Europe, Greece and Crete. Direction Hersonissos, a few kilometers from Heraklion and its airport, to live a real 5 star dream: bungalows with their feet in the water, pools that are real lagoons, palm trees, beach, hammock above the water, wooden rooms… And that’s just a small part of what you’ll get on site!


Where to sleep in Crete?

Where to sleep in Crete ? The Greek island, nicknamed “Island of the Gods” or formerly called “Island of Candia” is definitely one of the most tourist destinations in Europe. Not that we walk on it, but above all because the island of Greece knows how to welcome its vacationers. Summer or winter!

This is evidenced by the incredible know-how of the Cretans to offer incredible hotels, Airbnb, guest houses and other inns. Find a luxury hotel in Crete or a typical Cretan accommodation in one of the many mountain villages of the island, as well as a hotel with a private beach by the sea.

Crete Autrement presents here the most beautiful luxury hotels in Crete. Starting with a tourist stay in an establishment in Heraklion, the capital. The city offers many establishments to visitors, but do not hesitate to explore the hotels in the surrounding cities, such as Hersonissos, Rethymnon or Malia.

On the west coast, it is very easy to find your hotel in Crete with sea view! Direction to the most beautiful landscapes of the island, near Balos, Gramvousa, Chania (Chania), Elafonisi and other Kissamos.

Finally, if you are looking for a place to stay in Crete and on the east coast, nothing could be easier either, with luxury hotels in extraordinary cities, such as: Agios Nikolaos, Elounda, Sitia or Ierapetra!

Room with private pool, hotel with Spa, 5 star hotel, hotel with private beach Give free rein to your desires when looking for a hotel in Crete: the island has so many different things and stays to offer you!

Hotel in Crete : what are the best places to sleep in Crete ?

The town of Chania (also known as Chania in Greece) is one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages on the island. You will find :

  • luxury hotel,
  • 5 star hotel,
  • 4 star hotel,
  • luxury villas
  • and other more modest accommodations.

Chania is a small town of character, ideal for discovering the west of the island (Balos Beach, Elafonisi, the Samaria Gorge…)

Many other Cretan cities are nevertheless and obviously worth a visit:

  • Rethymnon is an ideal base camp for exploring the city and discovering the Arkadi Monastery, 4 km away, or hiking in the Amari Valley in the Agios Antonios Gorge en route to enchanting villages such as Patsos.
  • Malia is a very pleasant seaside resort where you can stay with your family and spend your vacations.
  • Heraklion, the capital of Crete, will amaze you with its nice hotels!
  • Agios Nikolaos, the Cretan St. Tropez, is the promise of partying, good food, sunbathing and accommodation in beautiful establishments.
  • Sitia
  • Matala
  • Hersonissos
  • Agia Pelagia

Finally, sleeping in Elounda is one of the best accommodation ideas in Crete. Elounda is a small coastal town in the north of Crete and a tourist place full of rich and luxurious accommodations. In a beautiful setting: turquoise sea and mountainous landscapes, Elounda offers many rental options.

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