Do youwant to go to Crete? Do you have the necessary information to travel there? Only a few hours flight from France, Crete is a very popular tourist destination and you can go there at any time of the year. However, March is even better. Between the favorable weather conditions and the interesting events, all reasons are good to go to Crete in March.

Going to Crete in March: tickets at what price?

If you are planning to fly from France to Crete, you should know that the price of airline tickets varies from one company to another.

How to find tickets to Greece?

Fly to Crete from 110€ in February!

However, these prices are generally approximate, regardless of the airline.

Thus, air tickets cost between 500 and 530 €.

It should be noted that this fare is only applicable to passengers departing from cities such as :

  • Bordeaux,
  • Lyon,
  • Marseille,
  • Nantes,
  • Paris
  • and Toulouse.

Also, these are the rates for the month of March, they may vary from month to month.

Where to sleep in Crete in March?

You write “

hotel in Crete

” on Google for hours and days without finding the perfect stay? Then try the map below, where you can find some of the best hotels in Crete and other luxury villas with swimming pools:

Climate Crete Mars : what weather to expect ?

In Crete, the weather conditions in March vary depending on the city of destination. Thus, the climate in the major cities of Crete is as follows. This will surely give you a clue as to where to go!

What to do in Crete in March?

Beautiful Cretan landscapes await you on the island in March.

1. What is the weather like in Heraklion in March?

In March, the weather conditions in the Cretan city of Heraklion are very favorable. The maximum temperature is 18 ° and the minimum is 14 °. The average temperature is therefore 16 °. It is therefore cool in Heraklion during the month of March, but this coolness is bearable as soon as you put on the right clothes.

2. What is the weather like in Agios Nikolaos in March?

The climatic conditions in
Agios Nikolaos
are all as favorable as in the previous city. With an average temperature of 16 °, a maximum temperature of 18 ° and a minimum temperature of 14 °, the climate is rather cool in March. This freshness remains appreciable with a good coverage.

3. What is the weather like in Chania in March?

Chania, like the two previous cities, offers favorable weather in March. With maximum and minimum temperatures of 18 and 13° respectively and an average temperature of 15°, a cool climate is to be expected. However, it is not unbearable.

4. What is the weather like in Elounda in March?

The climate in Elounda is not unpleasant in March, but it is still very cool. The maximum and minimum temperatures are 17° and 14° respectively. You can therefore have a good stay, provided of course that you use warming clothes.

Crete in March: what events?

What to do in Crete in spring?

The events organized in Crete during the month of March include a series of festivities and carnivals. Therefore, there is no reason to be bored during your stay.

Katheri Deftera

Among the most anticipated events each year is the Katheri Deftera.

It is a great popular festival celebrated every 1st Monday of Orthodox Lent.

It is followed by a carnival that lasts all weekend.

Greek National Day

There is also the Greek national holiday. It commemorates the revolution that freed Greece from the Ottoman Empire.

Apart from these celebrations, there are plenty of other local events that you can discover for yourself once you are in Crete.

These are the above-mentioned events that add up to multiple other factors to make Crete an excellent tourist destination in March. This trip allows you to relax, get away from the daily routine and enjoy a unique landscape.