Visiting the island of Kefalonia, its white sandy beaches, its coves, its villages, its historical museums and its open-air natural treasures will transport you out of space-time.

Loaded with history and contrasts, it remains among the Greek islands the favorite target of photographers and lovers of beauty in full size. Not to mention the Instagramers who roam Greece in search of these spots!

Discover this open-air treasure.

Where to sleep in Kefalonia?

Kefalonia is a real open-air treasure to be visited from top to bottom. But before you think about surveying the island, what about your accommodation?

  • Where to sleep in Kafalonia?
  • Is it more interesting to sleep in Argostoli?
  • What about other cities and villages?

Your hotel in Kefalonia

We advise you to browse this map to see the different places and hotels on the island:

Our favorite ♥: Book your stay at Leivatho Hotel

For those who like a rather modern design, as shown in the room photo below, but also swimming pools and meals with sea view, book your room in Kefalonia at the Leivatho Hotel

Less than 5 minutes walk and 350m from the 4 star Leivatho Hotel is the beautiful beach of Avithos!

3 beaches where you should swim in Kefalonia

Covering an area of 781 km², Kefalonia is the largest, most mountainous and one of the most beautiful Greek islands. With its crystal clear waters changing from green to blue with the light, it is a paradise on earth. The island’s beaches are one of its great attractions. Once you set foot on the island, you’ll never see the time go by. Here are the island’s must-see sandy beaches.

1. Petani Beach

Que faire sur l'île de Céphalonie ?

Petani Beach, considered by some as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! A delight for the eyes. Go to the western tip of the island of Kefalonia to enjoy this jewel sculpted by Mother Nature. Don’t hesitate to go there before 11am to rent a deckchair and experience Petani Beach and its white sandy beach. Note that Petani Beach can take on 2 different faces:

  • The beach is quiet and allows visitors to swim and snorkel,
  • The beach is rough and offers great waves for the more adventurous.

3. Skala Beach in southern Kephalonia

Skala Beach, at the south-eastern tip of the island of Kefalonia, is a different landscape from the two beaches mentioned above.

It is for us one of the best beaches of the greek island!

Que faire à Kefalonia ?

You will find a very large expanse of sand, to play ball and not get squeezed in with other tourists. The sand is slightly less hungry, but very pleasant on the feet. The water is transparent. And the bars and restaurants are more frequent. A slightly less wild Greek destination, but still beautiful.

The island has many beaches where you can do water sports. There are also private beaches where you can take a ride on an inflatable or sailboat. If you can find a glass-floored boat, you’ll love the experience. But there are more than just beaches in Kefalonia…

What to do in Kafalonia in 2023?

1. Argostoli

Argostoli, the capital city and one of the island’s many ports, gives Kefalonia a picturesque charm with its public buildings, imposing churches and floors built with traditional architecture.

Si vous vous y rendez, pensez aussi à visiter le Musée archéologique d’Argostoli et le théâtre kefalos.

2. Mont Ainos

Once on the island, don’t miss a trip to Mount Ainos, a 100% nature reserve, preserved for over half a century, where the Kefalonia Fir, the only one of its kind in the world, grows.

3. Melissani cave

Have you heard of the Melissani cave? You will need a boat to get there. And enough oxygen in your body to catch your breath as it will be cut off!

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At the top, you will see the natural light inviting itself, soft and nonchalant, into the interior of the cave and you will have the impression, sitting in your boat, that you are metres above the earth. It’s just magical. The guides, with their serenades and the many anecdotes, are absolutely fascinating.

4. Katavothrès

About 2.5 km from the capital, Argostoli, you are in Fanari, where you enter one of the most mythical places in the world: the chasms of Katavothres, which are still called the “Mills of the Sea”. It is, in fact, in the chasms of these caves that the waters of the sea meet to launch a marvellous and very audible concert. You will feel as if you are in a karaoke concert created by the hands of the Creator. To this day, this natural phenomenon is a mystery that many geologists are trying to solve in vain.