The largest of the Greek islands, Crete is often visited by car by land for tourists who want to enjoy the wonders of Crete from the east, west, north and south. And Zeus knows how many of them are here! But Crete (like all of Greece of course) cannot be visited without going by the sea, its creeks, its beaches and its islands. Renting a boat on the spot, it’s the promise of an upscale cruise, floating on heavenly waters.

Where to rent a boat in Crete? Why? We tell you everything.

Boat rental in Crete with or without skipper

If you want to explore some of the boat spots we talk about below and which are one of the must-do’s in Crete, don’t hesitate to book your boat quickly!

Organize your cruise in Crete with friends or family!

Renting a boat in Crete is not only very easy, but it is probably the best holiday you will ever have. Catamaran rental, sailboat rental or motorboat rental: make your choice below at ClickandBoat :

Day cruise in Crete

For a day, you can also opt for a private or group cruise to the wonders of the Cretan coastline, such as the island of Dia or Balos Beach. Book your dream day below:

Rent a boat to visit the wonders of Crete

Also, here are other dream excursions to discover the wonders of the Island of the Gods: sunset cruise, Gramvoussa, Chrissi, Agios Nikolaos…

Why rent a boat in Crete?

The question deserves to be asked: why opt for a boat rental in Crete rather than a road trip or a hotel stay?

1. Less people on the sea!

You will surely have noticed it as we did, but Greece and Crete are a little more trendy every summer. Tourists arrive every year in droves and the main points of interest and other dream beaches of the island are taken by storm.

It’s hard to put your towel down sometimes!

To avoid queuing at the beach or in the parking lot, why not go directly to the sea? Try this step a sailboat rental in Crete and you will see the island in a different light!

2. Not to take the ferry

We won’t lie to ourselves: taking the ferry to visit the most beautiful places in Crete and Greece ( Balos Beach , Elafonissi , Santorini , Mykonos …) is often far from being a pleasure.

So of course the ferries of the different Greek companies are very convenient to travel, but when it comes to a cruise in Crete, opt for the boat rental without any hesitation!

3. For a different vacation

Those who have already been on a sailboat or motorboat vacation know this. For newcomers, you’ll find out soon enough: going on a boat cruise is a bit like camping on the water.

The difference is that your boat will take you from paradise to paradise: creeks, wild beaches, etc.

Boat rental Crete : where to anchor on the island ?

With sometimes windy weather, ideal for sailing enthusiasts, but also incredibly blue waters and dreamy beaches everywhere, Crete is a paradise for a sailboat or motorboat cruise.

But on the occasion of a Cretan sea trip: where to anchor on the island?

Here are some 7 spots to mark on the map:

1. Anchor in Chrissi

The island of Chrissi in the south of Crete and off the coast of Ierapetra: popular with tourists, it is easy to see why Chrissi is an island where boats like to go. Large beaches, wild nature, transparent water: you can anchor on this dream island.

2. Anchor in Spinalonga

The Island of Spinalonga to the east of the island and off the city of Elounda The island of Spinalonga is an absolutely unique place in Crete since it was once a place reserved for lepers. A place full of history that offers tourists by boat a beautiful lagoon to anchor in!

3. Anchor in Gramvoussa

Gramvoussa and Balos Beach, at the western tip of Crete: for a setting worthy of the most beautiful postcards, we can only recommend anchoring at Gramvoussa. The island, wild and with crazy beaches, is also a few hundred meters from one of the most beautiful places of Crete, Balos Beach and its lagoon with multicolored sands.

4. Anchor on the island of Dia

Dia Island, north of the capital Heraklion: in less than 1 hour of navigation, leave Heraklion to reach the island of Dia. It is said that the shape of the island of Dia comes from a local legend telling the story of a giant lizard that wanted to eat Crete and was petrified by Zeus himself! Above all, today, the island is a Mecca for snorkeling and underwater fishing in transparent waters!

5. A stop in the most beautiful northern ports

The ports Heraklion , Chania or Rethymnon 3 of the main cities of Crete.

Boat rental in Crete : who to contact ?

Do you like our little itinerary in the Cretan waters? But who to contact for a sailboat rental in Crete? There are many local actors who can help you, but we recommend that you contact Nautal!

From 1400€ to 9000€ per week, you will find everything you need on their website.

Renting a sailboat is to live your vacations differently!

Renting a sailboat in Crete, Greece or anywhere else is ALWAYS the assurance of an exceptional vacation. Unique even as the activities are so particular on a boat. You don’t believe us? See instead:

  • go snorkeling
  • underwater fishing
  • anchor in places that are inaccessible on foot
  • dive in a blue and transparent water at sunset or in the early morning
  • paddleboarding
  • teaching navigation to the youngest
  • disconnect and live in the heart of nature
  • make dreamy aperitifs at sunset