We are delighted to present our complete guide to kitesurfing in Crete, a particularly exciting destination for water sports enthusiasts. You love kiteboarding and one of your pleasures in life is to organize kite trips? So let’s give Crete a chance, as the weather is perfect for it (long live the Cretan wind) and the beaches/lakes are breathtaking!

Discover below the best local spots, as well as the best kite surfing schools.

Why choose Crete for kitesurfing ?

Crete is a Greek island located in the Mediterranean Sea, offering :

  • crystal clear waters,
  • warm and sunny weather,
  • as well as spectacular beaches
  • a wind steady enough to fly your kite-surfing wings to Crete

Crete is a favorite place for water sports enthusiasts, especially kitesurfing. With a variety of kitesurfing spots, ranging from secluded beaches to developed kite areas, the Greek island offers a world-class kitesurfing experience for all levels of kitesurfers.

The 8 best kitesurfing spots in Crete

1. Amoudara, in Heraklion, Crete

Amoudara, a beach in the gulf of Heraklion, is an ideal spot for kite surfers. The fine brown sand, shallow water and strong winds make this beach a popular place for surfers of different levels.

With small waves and a medium sized launch area, Amoudara offers a safe and enjoyable kiteboarding experience. Although it may be more crowded during the high season, this beach is generally quiet, offering a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere for visitors.


It is recommended to kitesurf here when the winds are from the northwest and north-northwest. The ideal wind speed is between 5 and 15 m/s. Although the best direction is usually northwest, there can be gusts that are problematic.

  • Where? Amoudara, near Heraklion, Crete, Greece
  • For whom? Surfers of all levels
  • What are the risks? No

2. Elafonisi Beach

How about going kiting in one of the most beautiful places you will ever surf?

Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Crete, Elafonisi is also a popular kitesurfing spot for beginners and experts. Take advantage of the west winds of Crete to admire the lagoon of Elafonisi and its multi-colored sands.


With constant winds and shallow waters, Elafonisi offers a safe and enjoyable kitesurfing experience for all.

  • Where? Elafonisi Beach
  • For whom? Surfers of all levels
  • Any risks? Beware of a few rocks here and there, the water being very shallow.

3. Kokkinos Pyrgos Beach, in Timbakion (Tympaki)

Kokkinos Pyrgos beach, also known as Tympaki beach, is located near the town of Tympaki in the Heraklion region of Crete, Greece. It is located at the main port of the region, halfway along the southern coast of Crete. This sandy beach is very long and has rocks and stones. The waters can be flat or rough, and westerly winds can cause small to medium waves. The beach offers kitesurfing conditions suitable for all levels, regardless of the tide. The launch and landing area is of medium size. You can choose to enjoy this range at the active or remote end depending on your preference.


The best winds are the Meltemi winds from the north (June-September).

  • Where? Timbakion/ Tympaki, Heraklion, Crete
  • For whom? Surfers of all levels
  • Any risks? Rocks

4. Matala

Matala beach is located in the south of Crete, Greece, at the exit of a small valley overlooking a large enclosed bay, overlooking the Paksimadia islands, as they are called by the locals. In front of this bay is a spectacular sandy beach where the waters can be both flat and rough. Matala is an excellent kitesurfing spot for intermediate and experienced surfers, with tide-independent kitesurfing conditions and a small launch and landing area. This U-shaped bay is about 250 m wide, but during the tourist season, space can be limited.


This spot also observes thermal winds. The summer season (24°C – 30°C) is the ideal time to visit Matala. The period from June to August sees an influx of visitors because it is the high season.

  • Where? Matala, near Timbaki, Crete
  • For whom? Intermediate and expert level
  • What are the risks? Rocks

5. Rethymno

The kitesurfing spot of Rethymno in Crete, is a decent kitesurfing spot for intermediate surfers, but experts will love it too. It is a small and medium wave spot, where the kitesurfing conditions are not dependent on the tides. There is a large launch and landing area. It is a wide, sandy, clean area with no obstructions. The onshore wind on this beach brings rollers. Also, the water gets deeper than the wading depth here. In particular, this kitesurfing spot is empty in winter but crowded in summer. Remember that the port police advise you to be careful because there are currents in this area. The undercurrent of the waves makes it difficult to escape under control.


This spot in Rethymnon observes thermal winds. The winds are often ashore or side onshore on this spot. It generally blows in the North, North-Northeast and Northeast directions. The recommended wind for kitesurfing is north-east (NE).

  • Where? Rethymno, next to the cities of Rethymno and Chania, Crete.
  • For whom? Intermediate and expert level
  • What are the risks? None, but surfers are advised to watch out for swimmers, currents and miles at this location.

6. Kalamion

Kalamion is a flat and lively spot for kitesurfing. It is a sandy beach that is highly preferred by intermediate surfers for kitesurfing. It is also a popular spot among experienced surfers. Here, the launch and landing area is of medium size. It is a surfing spot independent of the tide, with a harbor and a breakwater on the eastern side.

Summers are the ideal time for kitesurfing, hence the influx of visitors from June to August.

Please respect other beach users during the high tourist season and when surfing the water, watch out for moles.

  • Where? Kalamion, next to the town of Kalamion, Chania, Crete.
  • For whom? Intermediate surfers
  • What are the risks? No

7. Anissaras Beach

Anissaras beach is located in the impressive area of Anissaras, which lies along the coast from Kokkini Hani to Malia. It is located 1 km west of Hersonissos. This spot observes small and medium waves and is an exceptional kitesurfing spot for expert surfers. The launch and landing area at Anissaras is small. The beach is beautiful, but the sea bed is quite rocky in many places.

The wind

The beach of Anissaras is subject to frontal winds that generally blow from the northwest on this spot.

  • Where? Anissaras, near Hersonissos, Crete
  • For whom? Expert level surfers
  • What are the risks? Rocks

8. Beach of Falassarna or Phalasarna, Crete

What are the most beautiful beaches in Greece?

Falassarna beach is known as one of the ten most beautiful beaches in Europe. With its crystal clear water, the beach is especially suitable for kitesurfing in winter and spring. This beach is about 2 km long and over 100 m wide. South (side-shore) or southwest (side-onshore) winds in winter and spring generally create rough or very big waves (depending on wind direction and speed). There are few rocks in the water near the beach. Notably, the main beach of Falassarna cannot be used for kitesurfing, but there is a small bay near the port of Falassarna that does not observe gusty waves, and is suitable for kitesurfing.

The beach is crowded with tourists and umbrellas in August.

The wind

Falassarna is generally a windy place, and the main wind directions are N, S, SSW, and SW. The southwest wind is favorable for surfing.

  • Where? Falassarna, Kissamou, near Chania, Crete
  • For whom? Surfers of all levels
  • What are the risks? Rocks

The 3 best kitesurfing schools in Crete

Surf in Crete at Arina Beach for all levels

First of all, there is Surf in Crete which is a popular school that teaches kitesurfing and other water sports. This school is ASI and IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) certified and offers :

  • kitesurfing lessons
  • as well as equipment rentals.

For whom? All ages and levels.

Where? The location is in Arina Beach, Kokkini Hani, Heraklion and the hours are from 10:00 to 12:00.

How much is it? IKO private kitesurfing lessons start from 80 EUR (1 hour).

iKite for all levels

IKite – Iraklio Kite Club, is a professional training center operating under the safety standards and certification IKO.

It is the first and only kitesurfing club in Heraklion with a sandy beach of over 2000m² dedicated exclusively to kitesurfing.

For whom? You can learn this extreme sport from their beginner training under professional supervision.

When? iKite will remain open to offer training to surfers from June until early September. For the rest of the year, lessons are available only after an appointment.

Where? The location is in Amoudara Beach (to the left of Pancretan Stadium), Iraklion, Crete and times are by appointment.

How much is it? Introductory lessons start at 30 EUR.

Elafonisi Kite

Elafonisi Kite offers kitesurfing lessons on the beach of Elafonisi with a breathtaking view of the mythical Cretan multi-colored lagoon. This school offers experienced and qualified instructors with high quality kitesurfing equipment to ensure safety. Their certified staff will help you overcome your fear of extreme sports and ensure a fun learning experience. In addition, specialized beginner equipment is available for newcomers.

For whom? All lovers of water and extreme sports

Where? The location is in Elafonissi Beach, Kissamos, Crete. Courses can last from 1 to 10 hours

How much is it? Equipment rental starts from 50 EUR (1 hour).

Practical advice for kitesurfers

  • Check the weather forecast before leaving for your kitesurfing session.
  • Always wear proper safety equipment, including a life jacket and helmet.
  • Respect local rules and other beach users.
  • If you are a beginner, take a class with a qualified instructor to learn basic techniques and safety precautions.