Ifyou are craving for an island and paradisiacal scenery for your summer vacations, Crete is always a very good option. Considered the 88th largest island in the world and the 5th largest in the Mediterranean, Crete is mythical in many ways. However, in order to enjoy this place, it is important to choose the time of year and the activities that would be the most suitable for this time of year.

What does Crete have in store for you in September?

Going to Crete in September: tickets at what price?

Direct flights or with stopover

Before leaving for Crete in September, the first thing to check is the price of tickets. This allows you to have an idea and to prepare yourself as well as possible to realize your desire.

Where to travel in September?

The island of Candie in September from 95€!

The departure towards Heraklion, capital of Crete, is relatively simple for the Europeans and the French that we are. There are several direct flights from different cities in France to this atoll in September:

  • For a direct flight from Marseille to Crete, the price of the ticket is from 95 €.
  • It is 124 € for those who leave from Toulouse.
  • From 138 € from Paris.
  • From 158 € for holidaymakers who fly from Montpellier.
  • It is 188 € and 222 € for departures from Nantes and Lyon respectively.
  • And for a departure from Bordeaux, it will be necessary to count 177 €.
  • And 271 € from Lille.

However, it should be noted that the price of airline tickets fluctuates according to several parameters.

Flights with stopovers

On the other hand, for people who don’t mind making one or more stops along the way, the prices can be interesting too. In this case you can take the departure from several other cities in France to visit Crete in August!

The following list of cities shows those that do not have direct flights to Crete:

  • Nice,
  • Nîmes,
  • Brest,
  • Ajaccio,
  • Bastia-Corsica,
  • Bergerac,
  • Biarritz,
  • La Rochelle,
  • Lourdes,
  • Calvi,
  • Clermont-Ferrand,
  • Perpignan,
  • Pau,
  • Quimper,
  • Poitiers,
  • Toulon,
  • Rennes
  • and Strasbourg.

The price of the airfare to the island of Crete in these cases varies according to the number of stops that will be made during the journey.

Where to sleep in September in Crete?

You type “

luxury hotel Crete

“on Google or Bing but nothing that appeals to you so far? Crete Autrement strongly advises you to look for your stay and your hotel in Crete on this map provided with villas and other hotels of standing, at affordable prices:


Weather Crete September : what to expect ?

Why travel to Greece?

25° in the water in September: are you tempted?

September is the ideal time to go to an island like Crete, because the climate is really very favorable. Indeed, Heraklion enjoys a good amount of sunshine in these times. With 10 hours of sunshine a day for most of the month, you can be sure to enjoy your stay.

Generally speaking, the average temperatures prevailing there vary between 21 and 27°C. Nevertheless, they can reach a minimum of 12°C and a peak of 33°C in some years.

The sky is permanently clear, to the delight of travelers and visitors who like to enjoy this “low season”. The beginning of the month is characterized by temperatures ranging from 25 to 30 °C.

Gradually, they will soften towards the middle of the month, but still with good sunshine. So don’t worry about your outdoor activities.

In the last days of the month, the temperature will rise again with some light precipitations which will not have any influence on the general climate.

Crete in September: what events?

In addition to a very favorable climate, the Cretan month of September is rich in various events. Festivals, national celebrations and festivals are all events that you can participate in on the island.

Cultural Festival of the Municipality

The Cultural Festival of the Municipality of Heraklion, which starts in July, continues during the first half of September. This party gives rise to :

  • music concerts,
  • art exhibitions,
  • plays,
  • animations for children, etc.

Every night until the last day of the celebrations.

The Panighyria

Several other local festivals like the Panighyria take place. This Greek tradition aims to celebrate the patron saints of the city or village. It begins on June 24 and continues until September 15.

With beautiful temperatures and many activities, the island of Crete is a tourist destination of choice to enjoy the vacations during the Indian summer…