Locatedin the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, theisland of Crete is one of the favorite destinations of the French. It has varied landscapes, from mountainous reliefs to fine sandy beaches, and many cultural activities are offered. However, not all months are equal to discover the beauty of this Greek island.

  • What about the one in October?
  • How much do airplane tickets cost at this time of the year?

Let’s see what Crete has to offer in October.

Going to Crete in October: tickets at what price?

Beyond the tourist seasons (low, medium or high season) of
Airline tickets vary according to each city.

What is the price of travel to Greece in autumn?

Tickets from 85€ for Crete in October!

For your departure from the major cities of France to Crete in the month of October, you should consider on average, the following rates

  • Marseille from 85 €.
  • Toulouse from 103 €.
  • Paris from 147 €.
  • Bordeaux from 203 €.
  • Montpellier from 148 €.
  • Lyon from 209 €.
  • Nantes from 189 €.
  • Rennes from €423
  • Strasbourg from 312 €.
  • Nîmes from 315 €.

These rates vary depending on the day and time of the reservation. You will have to take this into account in your forecast.

Hotel in Crete: where to sleep in October?

You type “
Crete luxury hotel
“on Google or “best hotel in Crete, but can’t find anything so far? Crete Autrement helps you to find your stay in Greece thanks to the hotels, luxury villas with swimming pool and other expensive establishments to be found on this map:


What to do in Crete in October?

1. Heraklion

If you land or visit the Cretan capital,
There are many things to do in Heraklion or from Heraklion!

2. Chania

Chania (or Chania in Greek) is the other big city to visit on the island. Its Cretan charm is total and exotic. There are also many things to see in Chania or from the city!

3. Elafonisi

Elafonisi is one of the most beautiful places in Crete. A miracle of nature. A lagoon with multicolored sand (yes, it is!) and an island accessible by foot, walking in the lagoon with water up to your knees. To get to
there are several recommended excursions:

Weather Crete October : what to expect ?

The temperature in October

What to do in Crete in winter?

Some swimming is still possible in autumn, as here in Agia Pelagia.

October marks the beginning of the autumn season in Crete. Temperatures are therefore beginning to drop, although they are still high.

The average temperatures are between 19°C and 25°C. However, they can go up to 33°C and down to 11°C depending on the year.

Compared to the weather conditions in June, the weather in October is rather rainy and wet.

What about rain?

In October, Crete enjoys a low level of sunshine, with an average of 6 to 7 hours of sunshine per day. This allows us to enjoy a beautiful weather with a clear sky or sometimes covered by clouds, making the atmosphere softer.

Nevertheless, some precipitations are to be expected with about 4 days of rain in the month.

Sea temperature in October

The sea temperatures are also very pleasant with about 23°C. This is the best time to have fun on the beach and to swim. The beginning of the evening is marked by an average temperature. This will require the wearing of warm clothes, and it will be the ideal time to admire the beauty of the island, having fun with friends.

Taking into account these climatic elements, the weather in October in Crete is very favorable to enjoy unique moments. The island is therefore an ideal destination if you want to enjoy the last days of the summer season and the Mediterranean sea.

Crete in October: what events?

Several events are organized throughout the year on the island of Crete. These are essentially festivities to celebrate the culinary, religious, cultural and historical heritage. For the month of October, here are the must-see events.

The day of the NO

Celebrated every October 28, the Day of No symbolizes for the Cretans, courage and pride. It marks the anniversary of the formal refusal of the Greek ambassador Loannis Metaxas against the Italian armies.

Indeed, on October 28, 1940, Mussolini’s troops wanted to cross the country in order to take possession of certain strategic points in the war that was ravaging Europe. Their request was categorically rejected.

All Greece celebrates the bravery and the patriotic spirit of their hero. Alone or with the family, it is the ideal time to follow military, school and university parades . It is also an opportunity to feel the pride of an entire people.

The Chestnut Festival

Celebrated every 3ᵉ Sunday in October in Prases and Elos Kissamos, this festival marks the end of the chestnut harvest. It is the perfect opportunity to admire the cultural diversity of the Cretans. Rhythmic with music and dance, this period is also a good time to spend with your family.