How to get to the island of Naxos?

By ferry

By ferry and high-speed ferry, several connections per day go to the island of Naxos, depending on the season:

  • rom the Athenian ports of Piraeus and Rafina,
  • as well as from the islands of Paros, Santorini or Ios.

How to get to Naxos from Athens?

You can take a ferry to Naxos in Athens at the ports of Piraeus and Rafina. The port of Piraeus is about 15 km south of the center of Athens and 45 km from Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport.

From Athens, Olympic Air also offers flights to Naxos in about 45 minutes.

Where is Naxos?

Naxos (Ancient Greek and Modern Greek Νάξος / Náxos) is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea that belongs to the Cyclades. It is the largest and highest island of the archipelago. It is quite easy to locate it on a European or Greek map, since Naxos is almost equidistant from Greece (mainland) and Turkey.

Where to stay on the island of Naxos?

Where to stay in Naxos? Crete Autrement proposes you below 2 hotels with an excellent quality-price-location ratio!

Hotel Naxos : our 2 favorites ♥

1. Anatoli Hotel

Where to sleep in the Cyclades?

Located 10 minutes walk from the center of the island and the beach, in Chora Naxos where you will find many ferry connections to Santorini for example,

2. The Saint Vlassis

Where to sleep in Naxos?

Massage and bath under the stars ?

Located 700 meters from the city center and 500 meters from the beach of Agios Georgios, treat yourself to one of the dream rooms with a view, huge terrace and outdoor bath at Saint Vlassis in Chora.

Where to stay in Naxos?

To have more choices about hotels in Naxos, we suggest you to explore the map below and book your stay there

What to do in Naxos in 2023? Our Top 4

1. Take a dream cruise

In Naxos, many excursions are waiting for you to enjoy the wonders of the Cyclades and the Greek Nature, but also the local gastronomic culture!

2. Discover the beaches of your dreams

Here is our selection of the 5 most beautiful beaches of Naxos not to be missed during your trip:

  • Alyko Beach.
  • The beach of Lionas.
  • Beach of Panormos.
  • Beach of Kalantos.
  • Beach of Georgios.

3. Visit Chora

Where to go in Naxos?

To discover where the heart of Naxos beats most vigorously, we recommend you visit beautiful Chora:

  • ferry departures and arrivals,
  • restaurants, cafes, bars,
  • seafront and beaches,
  • shopping
  • and Greek culture

4. The Mount Zeus hike

It’s quite something to leave in the morning and think you’re going to tackle Mount Zeus, isn’t it? And why not you?

Culminating at more than 1400m of height, Mount Zeus is the highest peak of the island. To get there, it is possible to go on foot from Filoti, a famous and beautiful Greek village, with a 40-minute walk to the Aria springs. To reach the top of Mount Zeus, you will have to walk for almost 2 hours, but what an incredible panorama at the top!

Which island to choose between Paros and Naxos?

Paros and Naxos are two neighboring islands of the Cyclades, but which one to choose?

Paros has less relief than Naxos. Therefore, you will be able to browse it more easily. You will stop for example in the north of the island in the town of Naoussa, where you will enjoy a walk in the harbor while admiring the boats with local colors.

But if you are on either of the Greek islands, do not hesitate to explore the archipelago as much as possible by visiting the 2 islands that have the advantage of having beautiful beaches.