How not to envy this national heritage that are the Greek islands? From archipelago to archipelago, they stand proudly and offer us tourists, landscapes and beaches of dreams. Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos, Crete… But also Paros, a splendid island of the Cyclades that you absolutely must see! But what to do on site? Where to stay? How to get there and what is the weather like all year round? Crete Autrement tells you EVERYTHING.

Why you should go to Paros in 2022? 4 reasons

To visit Paros, in the Cyclades, is :

  1. Discover an island with very nice typical Greek villages.
  2. Spend a romantic stay with your other half.
  3. Swimming and sunbathing on beautiful sandy beaches. A bit like in Crete or even everywhere in Greece.
  4. Finally, thanks to its central location, Paros is easily accessible and one of the most visited islands of the Cyclades!

Where to stay?

In typical village

There are two places to sleep in Paros:

  • Parikia
  • and in Naoussa
What to visit in Paros ?
The splendid port of Naoussa

Let’s not neglect the very typical towns of Lefkés and Piso Livadi, which will also charm holidaymakers.

Book your hotel!

For many tourism professionals and discerning tourists, the island of Paros is one of the most beautiful islands in Europe. No more, no less!

So, to offer you a stay on the spot, discover on this map the best hotels in Paros :

Find a cheap hotel

Depending on the time of the year when you want to spend a vacation on the Greek island, you will be able to find a cheap hotel in Paros. As proof, discover below the latest promotions on the island’s establishments:

How to get to the island of Paros?

To get to Paros, we recommend 2 main means of transportation:

  • by plane: the island of Paros is connected to Athens by a well-served airline. You can also reach the island from the nearby airport of Mykonos.
  • by ferry and fast ferry: several connections per day depending on the season from the islands of Naxos, Santorini, Ios and Mykonos!

From Athens, ferries to Paros usually depart from the ports of Piraeus and Rafina, but there are also some weekly crossings from the port of Lavrio.

The travel time from Athens to Paros Island can vary from 2h and 50 min to 4h and 20 min.

If you like to travel by ferry, the regular ferry will give you time to enjoy the ride. Those who want to get to Paros faster will opt for the 2h 50m trip with a high speed ferry.

What to do in Paros in 2022? 5 best activities

1. A boat cruise

To enjoy Paros and its surroundings to the fullest, we advise you to explore its maritime beauty first. Catamaran or sailboat cruises, visit the Cyclades like never before!

2. Visit Naoussa

Naoussa is a very relaxing, colorful and pleasant seaside resort and is THE main destination of the island.

A former fishing village, Naoussa shines today by welcoming tourists, charming restaurants, shopping and its typical Greek port, open to the sea.

You won’t find any historical monuments, but you will find plenty of things to do and enjoy.

3. Visit Piso Livadi

Another tourist attraction of the island, even more discreet than Naoussa, is the very charming village of Piso Livadi.

Piso Livadi is the perfect place to spend a day with your partner or your family. It is surrounded by small and beautiful beaches with transparent water.

Welcoming hotels by the water, delicious food, white houses adorning the village on both sides: a must on Paros!

4. The Valley of the Butterflies

For a different day on the island of Cyclades, why not go to the Butterfly Valley? It is located between Parikia and Pounda, near the monastery of Christos Dasous, at the place called “Petaloudes”.

A miraculous place where, of course, you will be able to observe a profusion of butterfly species, each more colorful than the next. All this, in a lush and no less colorful nature.

For only 2,50€ the entrance.

5. Visit Antiparos, the neighbor!

You will learn that one cannot be achieved without the other. The two islands are regularly associated with each other, as well as with Naxos, another neighboring island.

In only 30 minutes of crossing by ferry (there are some all day, very regularly) from Pounda or Parikia, discover an island a little smaller than the island of Paros, which smells good the good kitchen and where you will be able to devote yourselves to many sporting and aquatic pleasures: jet ski, wake board, paddle, diving, yoga…

Paros and the Greek islands

How to get from Santorini to Paros ?

When to go to Santorini ?

Santorini and Paros are connected by frequent ferry connections during the summer.

The distance between the two islands is only 65 nautical miles and the travel time is 3 hours and 30 minutes.

The average price of a ferry ticket from Santorini to Paros is 16€.

Which island after Paros?

After seeing Paros, you can’t miss the two beautiful Greek islands neighbors of Paros :

And to continue your “seatrip” through Greece, Crete Autrement recommends you to go to Tinos and especially Mikonos which are also two very close islands.

How to get from Mykonos to Paros ?

Moreover, to move between Paros and Mykonos, it is quite fast. Trips last between 45 minutes and 1h30. Both Minoan Lines and Seajets offer 45-minute trips. The Golden Star Ferries range from 55 minutes to 1.5 hours.

What is the most beautiful island of the Cyclades?

Paros n°1?

As said before, Paros is the most beautiful island of the Cyclades for many lovers of Greece. Not only does Paros offer beautiful beaches and a variety of landscapes to visitors, but it also has valleys covered with olive trees, Byzantine churches, and villages where rural life and traditions are still firmly rooted.

What are the most beautiful beaches in the Cyclades?

Where to swim in the Cyclades?

The 6 most beautiful beaches of the Cyclades

  1. Sarakiniko (Milos)
  2. Mikri Vigla (Naxos)
  3. Psarou (Mykonos)
  4. Kolymbithres (Paros) : PHOTO ABOVE
  5. Pori (Koufonissi)
  6. Vlychada (Santorini)

Weather Paros : what is the yearly climate on the island ?

Minimum and maximum temperatures for the year

What is the weather like in Paros? When to go to the Ionian island?

To make an accurate opinion, discover below the maximum and minimum temperatures, from January to December.

Minimum temperaturesMaximum temperatures
Minimum temperaturesMaximum temperatures

So when to go to Paros during the year?

Note that during the months of July and August, the island does not usually experience any rainy days. June and September experience an average of 1 day of rain in a month. This makes them the best months to go to Paros, far from the crowd and the heat of July and August! Beware of the wind in winter on the island of Paros.

Sea temperature in Paros