If we were to recommend a 7-day catamaran tour in Greece, then we would most likely direct you to the fantastic islands of the Cyclades. Starting with the islands of Mykonos of course, but also Paros, Naxos and finally Santorini further north. And a last detour to Crete of course, not far from Santorini. Discover our ideal catamaran cruise in Greece with these 4 unmissable spots!

Catamaran cruise in Greece: the absolute dream

For those who have already had the chance to cruise on the water, not on a liner, the catamaran is really (very) luxurious. No or few swirls, space in the cabin and on the deck… And above all, images engraved for life in this magnificent boat.

So, when we combine catamaran with Greece, we touch sublime. The country with thousands of islands is one of the most beautiful places in the world to cruise on a catamaran:

  • Paradise beaches everywhere
  • Wild anchorages by boat
  • Very welcoming local population
  • Low cost of living
  • High quality gastronomy
  • Translucent sea
  • Rich marine fauna…

For your catamaran cruise Greece We advise you before you go to the Cyclades.

The Cyclades are a Greek archipelago located on the southern edge of the Aegean Sea. The archipelago includes about 250 islands, islets and rocky islets. Only 24 islands are inhabited. The most emblematic and famous islands are : Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Amorgos or Sifnos. The islands of the Cyclades combine the stark beauty of their rugged shores with the charm of their dazzling hillside villages and endless blue sea beaches.

Itinerary of your 7-day cruise in Greece

Catamaran rental in Mykonos: 2 days

Boat cruise in Mykonos

Start your catamaran cruise in the Cyclades with the very famous and always very festive island of Mykonos. An island that tourists know well and those for many years and for good reason: parties, idyllic beaches, good restaurants, sunsets of dream…

But to avoid the crowds and enjoy the beauty of the island more discreetly, choose the option of a cruise in catamaran . All you have to do is anchor at the edge of the beach to swim during the day and go out at night! Our favorite beaches where to anchor in Mykonos:

  • Kapari Beach
  • Psarou Beach
  • Super Paradise
  • Agrari Beach
  • Loulos Beach

You will have enough to do in 2 days!

Catamaran rental in Paros and Naxos: 2 days

After 80km south of Mykonos is the island of Paros and its neighbor Naxos. Two islands of the Cyclades that are often associated so much it is interesting to visit both, which remain quite different.

Paros being more volcanic than Naxos, more green.

Book 2 days on the spot to be able to visit each of the two islands and their splendid creeks!

Catamaran rental in Santorini : 2 days

For many observers, Santorini remains the most beautiful island of the Cyclades and of Greece. An honorary title that is debatable of course. Santorini is THE star of the Cyclades. In a romantic setting, you can enjoy the magnificent sunsets over the sea.

If you are still hesitating about renting a catamaran in Santorini, see

In two days, you will have time to anchor in Fira and to visit its mythical village at the foot of the volcano. Don’t hesitate to set sail for Oia or to do some snorkeling in the blue waters of the island.

Catamaran rental in Crete : 1 day

To finish your wonderful catamaran cruise in Greece, we can only advise you to set sail for Crete, south of Santorini. If you are lucky enough to be able to extend your stay by boat, do not hesitate to visit the north of Crete by catamaran.

Heraklion, Chania, Rethymnon are cities with splendid Venetian heritage. Also, north of the capital Heraklion, where you can take your flight back to France, is the uninhabited island of Dia. One of the most popular places in yachtsmen and captains for a wild cruise. Enjoy all day long wild beaches and transparent waters to end your catamaran cruise.