Agia Pelagia is a small coastal town with a beautiful beach that lends itself to a relaxing vacation in Crete. 20 kilometers west of Heraklion, as the national road passes over the coast, you will start to see the first impressive pictures of Agia Pelagia and its beautiful Greek flag, the kind of pictures that are found on postcards, the ones that make us all dream.

  • What to do on site?
  • Where to sleep?
  • What kind of weather do we have all year round?

Crete Autrement offers you its travel guide to the Greek seaside resort!

Where is Agia Pelagia in Crete?

The town of Agia Pelagia, which welcomes every year many vacationers, is located in the north of the island of Crete. Not far from the Cretan capital :

For those who would like to spend a week (more or less) on the spot, we recommend you to land at the Cretan airport of Heraklion, which is only 26 km and 26 min by car. Note also other distances to know on the spot:

Hotel Agia Pelagia : Where to sleep?

Find your hotel

Numerous hotels or luxury villas welcome you throughout the year in Agia Pelagia and its surroundings. To enjoy the many activities of the resort, find your hotel here:

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Rent a villa

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What to do in Agia Pelagia? 7 best things to do in 2022!

1. Visit the beautiful coves of Ligaria and Mononaftis

It is impossible to miss the large and deep cove of Agia Pelagia, which is surrounded by the small cove of Ligaria to the east and the bay of Mononaftis to the west. The picturesque white buildings, the bluish green of the Mediterranean and the varied shades from sandy brown to lush green along the shoreline create a landscape of rare beauty.

Agia Pelagia is an impressive example of the beauty of Cretan nature and it is almost impossible to resist spending a long time relaxing there.

For an even more spectacular view, head to the main area of Agia Pelagia which is built in an amphitheater on the hills and slopes of the shore, you will find an even more impressive sight from above. Along the road which is sometimes quite steep you will start to see the first of the hotels on the hillside.

2. A quad safari family tour!

Discover the nature and the north coast of Crete riding a quad with friends and family by booking one of this activities!

3. Discover the life of Agia Pelagia


The closer you get to the shore, the more the buildings multiply. Agia Pelagia has developed around its shores, so it is here that you will find many bars and cafeterias. In the center of Agia Pelagia there are various amenities such as:

  • a super market,
  • the tourist office,
  • a pharmacy,
  • an ATM,
  • souvenir stores,
  • as well as a cab stand.

The bay of Agia Pelagia Crete is protected from the north winds that create waves, the sea is almost always calm. On weekends, many Heraklion residents take refuge on its sandy shores for a refreshing dip in the azure waters.

Bars and restaurants

There is no intense nightlife, but a good selection of bars and cafes to enjoy your favorite drink. Agia Pelagia is mainly intended for people interested in a quiet and relaxing vacation by the sea.

Many restaurants and taverns offer local Cretan, Greek or international cuisine and all have a beautiful view of the sea. While dining at Agia Pelagia you can also share the wonderful scenes around you and immortalize these memories in a precious photo album. The different shades of the undulating sea, the cute little boy building a sand castle, the old fishing boats anchored in the bay, the fishermen preparing their nets for the night shift.

Agia Pelagia by night

But what to do at night?

When the beach is empty, when the sounds of the day fade away and the soft clamor of the sea becomes more audible, Agia Pelagia is an even more magical place.

Whether you’re looking at it from the top of a hill or sitting by the sea, it’s sure to be the most relaxing vacation you’ll ever have.

4. 5 must-see beaches in the area

What to do in Crete in winter?

Agia Pelagia

The central beach of Agia Pelagia is sandy with umbrellas and deck chairs, where you will find water sports and diving centers that offer courses for beginners. The bay deepens relatively quickly, in the middle of the beach is a long, narrow rocky patch that provides a small safe area for children. There is also a good selection of snack bars and cafeterias along the waterfront.

Capsis Beach

The small beach in the resort of Capsis is a marvel, with just enough sand for four or five people to put their towels on. You can go there by swimming or by pedal boat. To find it you will have to look in the center of the peninsula and find a cove with steep walls and green waters.


The sublime beach of Ligaria, east of Agia Pelagia. This one is also sandy and has many umbrellas and several restaurants. The bay is smaller but it is also protected from the north winds, rooms for rent are also available on site to rest.


Where to swim in Crete?

The beach of Psaromoura is a rather small beach, it is favored by the locals on weekends. There are a number of umbrellas but unfortunately it is not protected from the north winds and the water can sometimes be rough. To find it, continue on the road after the Capsis hotel, don’t hesitate to ask a local to show you the exact direction.


The beach of Mononaftis is located west of Agia Pelagia and is a nice little cove with umbrellas, restaurants and hotels, but it is not protected from the northern winds. The beach is beautiful, it consists of fine sand and pebbles, the water deepens quickly.

According to feedback from travelers, the restaurants surrounding the beach tend to create a claustrophobic feeling that is quickly forgotten as you immerse yourself in the pleasantly cool waters.

5. Visit the Palace of Knossos

Spending your vacations in Agia Pelagia, you will have the chance to be 25 km and 31 min away from one of the most important archaeological sites of Greece: the Palace of Knossos (or Knossos), a remnant of the Minoan influence on Crete. A must do.

Don’t hesitate to book your tickets online here :

6. Visit the villages around Agia Pelagia


The village of Rogdia, located above the bay, stands out for its unique view of the cove below and the whole city of Heraklion in the distance. The restaurants offer superb cuisine with beautiful views and attract locals and tourists from all over the world. The streets of the village are narrow and dotted with traditional Cretan houses. On site, do not miss the monastery of Savathiana, which is one of the most beautiful Cretan monasteries.


The area of Agia Pelagia is almost entirely owned by people who are formerly descended from the high village of Achlada. Visit this picturesque village located at the top of the mountain above Agia Pelagia, it offers an incredible view of the bay of Fodele and the sea.


The village of Fodele is known as the birthplace of the painter Domenikos Theotokopoulos, better known as El Greco. The house where he was born is now a museum where copies of his works are displayed. In short, a place not to be missed.

7. Diving in Agia Pelagia

Finally, if you like diving, Agia Pelagia is a good choice for both snorkeling and scuba diving. Book your diving day here:


Agia Pelagia weather: what is the weather like all year long?

Once a fishing village, Agia Pelagia is today an ideal seaside resort for vacations. Notably because of its very mild climate throughout the year, as you can see from these minimum and maximum temperatures from January to December:

9 à 15°
9 à 16°
10 à 17°
12 à 20°
15 à 24°
19 à 27°
22 à 29°
22 à 29°
19 à 27°
16 à 23°
13 à 20°
10 à 17°