Crete isthat beautiful destination and Greek island that makes travel enthusiasts dream. The seaside resort of Hersonissos is one of the most important places to visit. Those who love sun and sea will want to think about a trip to Hersonissos.

Crete Autrement offers you here its travel guide of Chersónissos (Hersonissos in Greek): it’s up to you!

How to stay in Hersonissos?

Book your hotel in Hersonissos

The question of accommodation is essential during the organization of the stay in Crete. Why? Because Crete has the very good idea to offer hotels and villas for rent splendid hotels for tourists. The seaside resort of Hersonissos offers its visitors many nice and comfortable establishments, with spas, restaurants, bars, or swimming pools.

To help you spend a pleasant time in the Greek seaside resort, Crete Autrement invites you to find the hotel of your dreams on this map :

Rent a villa with pool in Hersonissos!

Surrounded by mountains, the city of Hersonissos is even more worth a visit when you take a little height. What if you were to rent a villa with a pool and a sea view? Discover 3 exceptional villas on site:

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Where to sleep in Hersonissos?

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Organize your stay in Hersonissos

Organizing an unforgettable stay in the seaside resort of Hersonissos is a task that can be accomplished with the help of a professional travel agent in Crete. Indeed, there is nothing like a connoisseur to give precious advices to holiday makers.

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How to get to Hersonissos?

What to do in Heraklion?

Sumptuous view of the city’s harbor.

In addition, among the information that will be more than useful to vacationers who plan to carry out such a project, there is in the first place the way to get to the destination. Of course, the plane is often preferred.

Greece is served by many airlines from France: Transavia France, Aegean Airlines and easyJet among others.

The choice of Heraklion airport is very appropriate to be able to easily reach the city of Hersonissos afterwards: it will take you a little less than 30 minutes by car to connect the two Cretan cities.

4 incredible places to visit in Hersonissos in 2022!

Hersonissos being very close to the capital
several big activities are available to you, like these 4 :

In the seaside resort of Hersonissos, vacationers will have more than just the beaches and the Mediterranean Sea to admire. Even if these are undeniably worth visiting, like the one in Stalis, which we will talk about below.

Indeed, the city has many treasures that are just waiting for visitors to reveal their beauty. You will find some wonders of the historical and also cultural heritage of Crete.

1. Stalis Beach

Where to swim in Crete?

The incredible colors of Hersonissos Beach.

Stalis Beach is probably the most beautiful beach in the area.

Warm and fine sand, clean and clear water as everywhere on the island of Crete, you will have the place to put your towel or to reserve a deckchair and a parasol for the day.

Note that bars and restaurants in the vicinity will allow you to eat during the day and not have to carry a picnic!

For those who love beaches, Crete and Greece, please note that the most beautiful beaches of Heronissos and its surroundings can also be visited by boat (sailboat, motorboat or catamaran) with or without a skipper for one or more wonderful days!

2. The cave of Milatos

The archaeological site of Milatos is a few minutes drive from Hersonissos and is a good place to explore.

It is especially famous for having been the refuge of the Cretan rebels who resisted the Turkish invaders during the year 1823.

3. The Open Air Museum of Lychnostatis

The open-air museum of Lychnosatis is a must-see attraction in the town of Hersonissos and is the ideal place to learn more about the way of life of the first inhabitants of Crete.

You can find a perfectly detailed reconstruction of an old Cretan village.

4. The Palace of Malia

The Palace of Malia dates back to 1900 BC.

Less than 15 minutes by car, you will find this vestige of the Minoan civilization.

The ancient palace of Malia is said to be the former home of the Pythian beast: the Minotaur.

With the help of a local guide, visitors will learn more about the exciting history of the palace and also about the characteristic mythology of the region.

What is the weather like in Hersonissos?

You will not be surprised by the incredibly favorable weather conditions of the city in the following lines.

Enjoy nearly 10 hours of sunshine per day (on average over the year). 9 days of rain on average also between December and February: for the rest of the year, we oscillate between 0 and 3 days!

As far as temperatures are concerned, here is the local climate for 12 months:

10 à 15°
10 à 15°
10 à 16°
13 à 20°
16 à 22°
21 à 27°
23 à 28°
23 à 28°
20 à 26°
17 à 23°
14 à 19°
12 à 16°

In the water, the water temperature is 25° from the end of June to September!

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