Like a large majority of holidaymakers, you have planned to leave in August: the weather is good, you have worked all year and you deserve your share of sun, white sandy beach and sea as transparent as possible. Greece and Crete open their arms to you! A complete destination and among the most beautiful in Europe: magnificent hotels, unique beaches, archaeological sites and divine cuisine. Let’s take stock of the question: why go to Crete in August!

Is Crete hot in August?

Can you swim in Crete in August?

Want to discover Crete in August? Do you dream of fine sandy beaches, turquoise waters and a change of scenery? Let’s take a look at the local weather in this summer month…

Where to go to Kefalonia?
CitiesAverage temperature (°C)Max temperature (°C)Average temperature (°C)Sea temperature (°C)Sunshine rate (hours per day)Rainfall (mm)
Agios Nikolaos23302726114

The climate on the island of Crete during the month of August is hot. Such a climate allows travelers to take advantage of each day to discover more of their vacation. Whether in Heraklion, in Rethymnon or in Chania, you will have sunny days to enjoy the assets of this island.

Are Crete ticket flights affordable in August?

How to travel to Crete?

Let’s take a look at the price of air tickets to the island of Candie: are they really very expensive in this high season? Where do the flights leave from? What are the direct and indirect flights? Which airlines?

Departure AirportDestination AirportAirlineDirect/IndirectAverage Ticket Price (August)
London HeathrowChaniaBritish AirwaysDirect€212
London HeathrowHeraklionBritish AirwaysDirect€209
London GatwickChaniaEasyJetDirect€102
London GatwickHeraklionEasyJetDirect€104

Please note that average prices may vary depending on the booking date and airline price fluctuations.

Budget: how much for a 1 week trip in Crete in August?

For 1 week in August, with a flight from London to Heraklion, in a 4* hotel with a shared swimming pool and a “medium” budget, you can expect a budget of about 1300€ per person!

Expense CategoryBudget per personTotal budget
Hosting77 €/night/person (1 room at 154 €/night)539 €
Meals27 €/day/person189 €
Transportation11 €/day/person77 €
Activities and visits8 €/day/person56 €
Airline ticket223 €446 €
Total346 €1307 €

This budget represents the estimated cost for one person for a one-week trip to Crete in August, including the cost of round-trip airfare from Paris. The total budget for two people would be 2614 € for 7 days, or 1307 € per person.

Where to sleep in August in Crete?

Find a hotel

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Find a cheap hotel

In August, as you know, prices tend to soar. So to find a cheap hotel in the middle of summer on the island of Candie, we suggest you discover the best promotions of the moment from Booking. To you the good plans:

Buy a villa for the summer!

In the summer, with the sun and the blue sky, but especially after a year of hard work, we sometimes feel like completely letting go. So why not try to rent a villa with pool and sea view in Crete ?

What to do in Crete in August? Top 10 activities

1. Enjoy the beautiful beaches

Crete is known for its beautiful beaches, and August is the perfect time to enjoy them. The water temperature is warm, and the weather is usually sunny and warm. Among the most beautiful beaches, we find Elafonisi, Balos and Vai. You can also try your luck on the kite surfing spots of Crete or the naturist beaches!

2. Discover the archaeological sites

Crete is one of the most historically rich islands in Greece. In August, you can visit archaeological sites such as the palace of Knossos, the ancient city of Phaistos and the cave of Zeus. These sites offer a fascinating view of the history and culture of Crete.

To discover some of these fascinating places, don’t hesitate to book a private guide for the occasion, as below:

3. A private cruise to Dia Island

Day trip to the island of Dia

The island also offers many boat trips that take you along the coast and to neighboring islands. It is a great place for a boat rental with or without skipper! These excursions are perfect for exploring the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea and discovering the natural beauty of Crete.

The island of Dia remains a must-see from the northern ports of the island. Book your day below:

4. Hiking in the mountains

Crete offers many hiking trails through its mountains, which provide a breathtaking view of the island and its landscape. Popular hikes include the Samaria National Park (pictured below) and the Lassithi plateau.

What are the best trails in Crete?

To learn more, please consult our guide :

5. Discover the Cretan cuisine

Cretan cuisine is one of the best cuisines of Greece. In August, you can enjoy delicious dishes such as:

  • the dakos,
  • the moussaka,
  • the tzatziki
  • and raki.

There are also many food festivals in August, where you can taste local dishes and meet the locals. But for a perfect overview of the local know-how, here are some of the best guided excursions on the island (to make your mouth water):

6. Kayaking or stand up paddling

Crete offers perfect conditions for kayaking or stand up paddling in August. The beach of Kouremenos is one of the best places to practice this sport, with strong winds and calm sea. Don’t hesitate to try Elafonisi or Falassarna for these water sports!

Or, book your online session in advance:

7. Visit local museums

Crete has an important cultural wealth, and there are many museums to visit to discover its history.

How to study mythology in Greece?

The archaeological museum of Heraklion (one of the most important in Greece, pictured above), the war museum of Chania and the natural history museum of Sitia are some of the most popular museums.

8. Snorkeling

Crete is also a great place for snorkeling, with a variety of fish and marine life to discover.

The best beaches for snorkeling include Chrissi beach and Plakias beach, but you will find dozens of unique spots around the island.

Book your snorkeling session with a professional on site below:

9. Visit traditional villages

Each Cretan village has its own charm and history. In August, to escape the crowds and the main tourist attractions of the island, you can visit the famous and very traditional local villages, such as :

  • Sfakia,
  • Archanes
  • and Spili to discover the traditional architecture, local culture and handicrafts.

10. Attend local festivals

Crete is famous for its local festivals, especially in summer. In August, you can attend festivals such as the Midsummer Festival in Rethymnon, the Wine Festival in Heraklion and the Olive Oil Festival in Sitia. These festivals offer a unique opportunity to discover the local culture and traditions.

Crete in August: what events?

What to do in Crete in August ?

Crete is an island of Greece that already has a rich and varied landscape. Beyond the beauty of the landscape, you will discover many events of interest in the month of August. Here are some of them.

Summer Festival in Heraklion

Heraklion is the capital of the island. During the month of August, the city organizes a series of festivities always very pleasant for tourists and visitors.

The summer festival in Heraklion starts in July and ends in mid-September. It is an ideal event to discover the architecture of the city, but also many shows. Dances, plays, open-air concerts, exhibitions and much more will be held.

Feast of the Dormition

Still called the Feast of the Virgin, it is an important religious festival on the island. It is usually followed by 14 days of fasting.

The Kasteli Festival

Thanks to this festival, you will experience traditional music concerts, theaters and other folkloric activities.