Amongthe popular vacation destinations of the French, Crete is frequently found. This Greek island, the largest in the country and the 5th largest in the Mediterranean basin, has all the assets for a tourist stay of pleasure, discovery and rest.

What does Crete offer you in August? Discover with us the particularities of this splendid part of Greece, in the middle of summer!

Going to Crete in August: tickets at what price?

Direct flights or with stopover

Want to discover Crete in August? Do you dream of fine sandy beaches, turquoise waters and a change of scenery?

How to travel to Crete?

Tickets from 140€ from the main French cities!

Great, but let’s review the price of airfare to Candie Island together. The price of travel to this destination depends on the city you are in:

  • If you have to leave Marseille for Crete, for example, you will have to pay no less than 142 euros.
  • Travelers departing from the city of Paris should expect to pay at least 143 euros for the trip.
  • As far as the trip from Lyon to Crete is concerned, it is available from 150 euros.

It is possible to leave several other cities in France for Crete, with direct flights or with at least one stopover. Thus, you can also :

  • leave Nice and go to Crete if you are willing to pay at least 168 euros.
  • For a minimum of 185 euros, you have the possibility to land in Crete from Gironde and Bordeaux.
  • For travelers coming from Nantes airport, the trip to Crete in August will cost you 225 euros (from).
  • Augusters leaving Toulouse should expect to pay at least 226 euros.
  • Vacationers traveling from Montpellier should plan on a minimum of 281 euros. It should be noted that the flight from Montpellier to Crete is only a direct flight.

Flights with stopover

There are some cities for which you will not have the choice of direct flights, but only flights with at least one stopover. This is the case, for example, in the cities of :

  • Rennes,
  • Nîmes,
  • Pau
  • and Strasbourg.

Traveling from these cities is a little more expensive of course.

To get to Crete from Rennes for example, a traveler will need to budget at least 292 euros.

Now that you know how much the trip can cost you approximately, it is time to know the weather conditions in Crete in August.

Where to sleep in August in Crete?

You hammer “
luxury hotel Crete
“on the internet, but without result… Crete Autrement is here! Luxury hotels, villas with swimming pool and seaside establishments, find it all on this map:

Weather Crete August : what to expect ?

Where to go to Kefalonia?

Myrtos and its waters shaded with blue.

The climate on the island of Crete in the month of August is hot. Such a climate allows travelers to take advantage of every day to discover the landscape and events of this great Greek island.

Usually, the thermometer shows at least 29°C in the different cities of the island and about 26°C in the water!

In the interior of the cities of the Greek island, in this month of August, you will certainly benefit from a dry climate protected from precipitation. So you don’t need to bring an umbrella! Instead, you will need to bring your sunscreen. You must remember that August offers favorable conditions to stay in this part of the world.

Whether in Heraklion, in
or in Chania, you will have sunny days to enjoy the assets of this island.

Crete in August: what events?

What to do in Crete
in August ?

Crete is an island of Greece that already has a rich and varied landscape. Beyond the beauty of the landscape, you will discover many events of interest in the month of August. Here are some of them.

Summer Festival in Heraklion

Heraklion is the capital of the island. During the month of August, the city organizes a series of festivities always very pleasant for tourists and visitors.

The summer festival in Heraklion starts in July and ends in mid-September. It is an ideal event to discover the architecture of the city, but also many shows. Dances, plays, open-air concerts, exhibitions and much more will be held.

Feast of the Dormition

Still called the Feast of the Virgin, it is an important religious festival on the island. It is usually followed by 14 days of fasting.

The Kasteli Festival

Thanks to this festival, you will experience traditional music concerts, theaters and other folkloric activities.