Where to go in Greece? This is an excellent question, as Greece offers multiple possibilities in terms of destination: Athens or the mainland, but also all the incredible islands of its archipelago. Crete, the island of Corfu, Rhodes, Mykonos, Santorini… The possibilities are numerous!

To take full advantage of the climate of the Greek Indian summer, but also of the good prices after summer vacations, discover where to go and in Greece for a memorable trip!

Where to go in Greece for 5 days?

What is the most beautiful beach in Crete?

If you have a little less time to explore Greece, here is an idea for a 5-day tour in Greece, passing by the beach of Elafonisi in Crete, of which you can see the picture above:

  • Day 1: Athens, with accommodation in Athens to enjoy the nightlife of the Greek capital,
  • Day 2: Excursion to the Saronic Islands.
  • Day 3: Peloponnese.
  • Day 4: Delphi.
  • Day 5: Chania in Crete, from where you can fly to France.

If you choose Crete, here are some good hotel booking ideas below:


Where to go in Greece for a week: 5 steps

So, what to do and see in Greece in a week?

  • First stage: Athens (2 days), with accommodation in Athens.
  • Stage 2: Santorini (1 day) Accommodation in Santorini. Take a hotel in Oia or Fira.
  • Stage 3: 2 days in Crete to see the beautiful streets of Chania and the incredible pink lagoon of Elafonisi.
  • Stage 4: 2 days in Rhodes.
  • Stage 5: 1 day in Zante (or Zakyntos in Greek) to go to the famous Bay of the Shipwreck that you see below!
What to do in Zakynthos?

Where to go in Greece (mainland) for 9 to 11 days?

So, what to do and see in Greece in 9, 10 or 11 days?

  • Stage 1: Athens (3 days)
  • Step 2: Visit Mycenae, Epidaurus, Nafplio, three major ancient sites in Greece, just an hour from Athens (1 day)
  • Stage 3: Palamede Fortress (1 day)
  • Step 4: Visit the Mistra site
  • Step 5: Visit the site of Olympia (1 day)
  • Step 6: Visit the site of Delphi (1 day)
  • Step 7: Visit the breathtaking site of Meteora (1 day)
  • Stage 8: Thessaloniki (2 days)

For such a trip, we recommend you to book a hotel in Athens, central point of this ancient itinerary!


Where to go in Greece for cheap?

Crete Autrement reveals the cheapest Greek islands for your vacations:

  • Serifos. The small island of Serifos, only two hours by catamaran from Piraeus, should be at the top of the list…
  • Andros.
  • Crete.
  • Milos.
  • Thasos.
  • Citea.
  • Symi.
  • Ikaria.
  • Paros.

Where to go in Greece as a lover?

Here are 5 places to go in Greece with your lover!

  1. The island of Santorini. Do not miss the enchanting landscapes of the island of Santorini, it is the romantic place par excellence.
  2. The island of Hydra, in the Aegean Sea.
  3. Athens of course, to discover the Greek mainland too!
  4. Mykonos, to party for two and stay in beautiful hotels.
  5. Rhodes finally, especially to find yourself in the fantastic site of Lindos.

Which Greek island to choose as a couple?

Mykonos, Santorini, Hydra and Corfu are absolutely incredible and it’s hard not to fall in love with the white villages, small shopping streets and impressive views. 

Of course, here we have a particular attraction for the island of Crete: its archaeological treasures, but also its dreamy beaches, luxurious hotels, high mountain villages and the warmth of the Cretans!

8 best places in Crete for couples

By the way, speaking of Crete, here are some great destinations to go to as a couple:

  • Messara.
  • Chania.
  • Heraklion.
  • Matala Beach.
  • Paleochora.
  • Agios Nikolaos.
  • Elafonisi Beach.
  • Frangokastello.

Where to go in Greece without a car

For you, Crete Autrement has compiled 10 Greek islands that do not require a car:

  • Koufonissia,
  • Antiparos,
  • Hydra,
  • Schinoussa,
  • Agistri,
  • Kimolos,
  • Sikinos,
  • Donoussa,
  • Gavdos,
  • Lipsi!

Visit Schinoussa by motorbike

Schinoussa, a peaceful island of the Cyclades archipelago, is 8.5 km2. It has two villages and 15 beaches.

As the island is mainly covered with small dirt roads that are not suitable for standard vehicles, it is best to travel around Schinoussa on two wheels: scooters or motorbikes.

For those who wish to explore the island’s hidden treasures, there are many hiking trails. Schinoussa is a quiet, peaceful and car-free Greek island that will not disappoint!

Visit Hydra without a car

Hydra is an island of choice for lovers of short day trips from the capital, Athens. It is easily accessible via the ports of Piraeus or the eastern ports of the Peloponnese.

Please note that car traffic is forbidden on the island! There are no roads, cars or motorbikes on the island!

You can walk around the island on its many hiking trails or by taxi-boat, which allows you to reach remote beaches in record time to enjoy the peace and quiet.

Visit Antiparos by bike!

Antiparos, a small island in the Cyclades, is located just opposite another well-known island, Paros. It is an island with a certain charm, with beautiful beaches and picturesque streets, as we like them in Hellenic countries.

It is ideal for a peaceful, relaxing and car-free holiday.

Antiparos can be explored on foot or by bicycle, which can be rented at various places on the island (about 5€ per day).

Visit Koufonissia and walk!

Koufonissia is a Greek destination that consists of two small beautiful islands:

  • Ano Koufonissii
  • and Kato Koufonissi.

The most developed of these is Ano Koufonissii, which has many tavernas, restaurants, bars and some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, all of which are within walking distance. They are only a few minutes away from each other and are located on the southeast coast of the island.

You can walk around the island in 3-4 hours. The car is therefore more than useless.

Kato Koufonissi, which is uninhabited, is only accessible by boat from Ano Koufonissi. You can only walk around the island and discover its beautiful beaches as there are no roads.