Crete is an island that offers throughout the year a variety of landscapes and activities. If you plan to visit this Greek island in June, you need some useful information. This includes knowing how much the trip costs, the weather in June at that location, and what you can do there during that time.

Is Crete hot in June?

Can you swim in Crete in June?

Where to go in Greece in June?

The sea temperature in Crete in June is about 23°C. The sunshine rate is 12 hours per day on average, with a relatively low rainfall of about 5 to 6 mm on average for the month of June.

CitiesMinimum temperature (°C)Maximum temperature (°C)Average temperature (°C)Sea temperature (°C)Sunshine rate (hours per day)Rainfall (mm)
Agios Nikolaos19272322115

The sunshine lasts 11 hours a day, so June is perfect for a stay in Crete!

June being a month sometimes conducive to hot weather in recent years, stay tuned!

Are Crete ticket flights affordable in June?

For your June flight to Crete, you have several fares at your disposal.

What to do in Greece during the summer?

The price varies depending on where you are departing from, as well as the promotions offered by the airlines, but here is a summary to help you decide whether or not you want to leave Crete in June:

CountriesAirportsAirlinesDirect/IndirectAverage Ticket Price (June)
EnglandLondonBritish Airways, easyJetDirect£100-£250
ManchesterJet2, TUI, RyanairDirect£100-£250
Thomas Cook AirlinesIndirect£150-£300
IrelandDublinAer Lingus, RyanairDirect€100-€250
ScotlandEdinburghJet2, RyanairDirect£100-£200
GlasgowJet2, TUI, Ryanair, easyJetDirect£100-£250
Thomas Cook AirlinesIndirect£150-£300

Please note that average prices are based on recent research and may vary depending on booking date and other factors. Airlines and routes may also vary depending on season and availability.

Budget: how much for a 1 week trip in Crete in June?

For 1 week in June, with a flight from London to Heraklion, in a 4* hotel with a shared swimming pool and a “medium” budget, you can expect a budget of about 900€ per person!

Expense itemsCost per day and per personTotal cost per couple over 7 days
Hosting60 € per person/night (1 room at 120 €)840 €
Meals27 € per person/day378 €
Transportation11 € per person/day154 €
Activities and visits8 € per person/day112 €
Airline ticket191 € per person382 €
Total107 € per person/day1 866 €

The daily budget for a one-week trip to Crete in June would be approximately 107 € per person/day, including accommodation, meals, transportation, activities and visits, and airfare. The total cost for 7 days would be approximately 1 866 € for two people.

Where to sleep in June in Crete?

You repeat the search “hotel in Crete” on Google these last weeks without finding the dream establishment? Luxury hotels, seaside villas and very affordable establishments: Crete Autrement will help you in your research thanks to all these establishments to be found on this map

Find a hotel

To visit Crete in June the way you should, you first need to find the perfect hotel for you. To do so, we invite you to look at this Booking map of the island!

Book a cheap hotel

In June, prices start to rise on the Greek island. From Elounda to Agios Nikolaosthrough Hersonissos or Chania summer is approaching and the high season with it. June is therefore the ideal time to try to find a cheap hotel in Crete. Discover below the best Booking promotions for a good deal in a few clicks:

Book a villa in Crete

The island of Candia is, like many Greek islands, the ideal place to indulge in a villa rental with pool . To have fun with friends and reduce costs. Or with the family, to avoid the crowds of vacation clubs. Discover below the villas for rent on the island in June!

What to do in Crete in June? Top 5 activities

What to do in Crete and in June? Several events are organized in June in Crete. There are national holidays, festivals and carnivals.

1. Discover the most beautiful beaches of Crete

Before the tourists arrive in mass in July and August, June is the month or never to discover the most beautiful beaches of the island by booking a private guide above or by reading our articles below:

2. A dream cruise

The month of June is a bit like July and August, but without the tons of tourists!

It’s warm, the water temperature is good: it’s THE time to rush on days at sea.

With friends, lovers or family, there are many private cruises in Crete to book here or below:

3. Test the island’s aquatic clubs

All inclusive vacation in Gouves, Crete
The Gouves Waterpark Holiday Resort and its incredible water park for young and old!

Here too, we recommend that you take advantage of the island’s less frequented times to have fun in the island’s water parks. There are several of them and some of them are very spectacular as you will see on our article below :

4. Paddle or kayak in the Mediterranean Sea!

With such a blue and translucent sea, and such good weather, you would be wrong not to try stand up paddle or kayak in Crete. Many stands are waiting for you on the most beautiful beaches of the island, but you can also book your session in Crete below:

5. Wine and olive oil tasting day!

As a Mediterranean country, Greece and Crete cannot escape the tradition: the local gastronomy is succulent. Cradled by a sunny climate all year round and by a land tradition that is passed on from generation to generation: the wine and olive oil are among the best in the world for example.

Do not hesitate to book in advance your wine and olive oil tasting day in Crete in June:

4 events to experience in Crete in June

1. The week of the sea

This festival is held every two years (in even years) and is celebrated mainly in the towns of Chania and Sougia. During the celebration, the Cretans demonstrate their attachment to the sea. They organize sailing and swimming competitions with concerts. Sea Week is held at the end of June.

2. Orthodox Pentecost

It is a Christian feast of the Holy Trinity and Ascension Thursday to the Father. It takes place in the month of June and usually in the last week depending on the year.

3. Local festivals (Panighyria)

They take place throughout Greece from June 24 to September 15. Foreigners are welcomed during these celebrations. However, these parties are not suitable for early birds. These festivities begin with a religious ceremony and end in the early morning with less pious festivities. St. John’s Day (Agios loannis), one of these celebrations takes place on June 24.

4. The carnival of Rethymnon

It takes place on June 24. The participants in this carnival come from all over Greece. Numerous evenings, concerts and animations are organized during the whole week for young and old.

All in all, a trip to Crete in June is not a bad idea. The climate, the travel costs and the events lend themselves strongly to this. It is up to you to prepare yourself properly to have an enjoyable time.