Greece and one of its most emblematic islands, Crete, are particularly popular destinations for the French. This has always been the case. A bit of a change of scenery, very affordable prices, a few hours of flights and above all, many flights leaving from France, to the country of Zeus!

  • But which French cities offer air links to Greece?
  • Which airlines?
  • And which Cretan airports are served?

Crete Autrement takes stock of your next flight to Crete and gives you some tips to book your plane ticket!

Flight Crete : from which French cities can we take off ?

The French cities offering direct flights to Crete are quite numerous. For a flight to Crete, tourists are spoiled:

  • Lille, from Lille-Lesquin airport.
  • Lyon, from Lyon St-Exupéry airport
  • Marseille, from Marseille Provence airport
  • Nantes, from Nantes-Atlantique airport
  • Paris, from Paris Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly airports
  • Toulouse, from Toulouse-Blagnac airport

What are the direct flights from France to Crete?

The 3 Cretan airports

How to find tickets to Greece?

Crete, which is one of the five largest European islands, is blessed with 3 airports. However, only two of them are dedicated to international flights:

  • The international airport of Heraklion Níkos-Kazantzákis, at the northern tip of the island
  • The international airport of Chania Ioánnis-Daskaloyánnis, in the northwest of the island
CitiesAirportIATA code
ChaniaInternational Airport of Chania K. DaskalogiannisCHQ
HeraklionN.Kazantzakis AirportHER

The third airport of Crete is located in the city of Sitia, in the east of the island. However, the latter is dedicated to domestic flights.

Direct flights France-Crete

There are 7 direct flights from French airports to Crete:

  • Lille-Heraklion : 3h35 flight
  • Lyon-Heraklion : 2h50
  • Marseille-Heraklion : 2h45
  • Nantes-Heraklion : 3h25
  • Paris Charles de Gaulle-Heraklion : 3h25
  • Paris Orly-Heraklion : 3h30
  • Toulouse-Heraklion : 3h05

For a direct flight from France, Heraklion airport is systematically served. The airport of Chania is served by flights with stopovers, often in Athens.

Please note that as Crete is part of Europe, your passport or your National Identity Card will suffice. Nothing to do with the United States where it is necessary to apply for ESTA online as on France ESTA.

Flight Crete : which flights have stopovers ?

When to go to Crete?

It is sometimes more interesting to inquire about flights with a stopover. This is to find a cheap flight to Crete and make some savings on transportation before your vacation there. Many French cities offer indirect flights to the island of Candy:

  • Marseille-Chania (1 stopover or more)
  • Paris-Chania (1 stopover or more)
  • Nantes-Chania (1 stopover or more)
  • Toulouse-Chania (1 stopover or more)
  • Mulhouse-Chania (1 stopover or more)
  • Lyon-Chania (1 stopover or more)
  • Nice-Chania (1 stopover or more)
  • Strasbourg-Chania (1 stopover or more)
  • Montpellier-Chania (1 stopover or more)
  • Rennes-Chania (1 stopover or more)
  • Nîmes-Chania (1 stopover or more)
  • Clermont-Ferrand-Chania (1 stopover or more)
  • Poitiers-Chania (1 stopover or more)
  • Bordeaux-Chania (1 stopover or more)

Which airlines fly to Crete?

To find a flight to Crete, or even a cheap flight to Crete, it is possible to compare the prices of airline tickets of many companies. Taking off from France, but also from Belgium and Switzerland.

Here are the airlines with which to book a plane ticket to Crete:

  • Aegan Airlines => from Bordeaux, Geneva, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Paris, Toulouse, Zurich
  • Easy Jet => from Bordeaux, Geneva, Lyon, Nantes, Nice, Paris
  • Volotea => from Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Paris, Toulouse
  • Air France => from Marseille, Paris
  • Transavia => from Lyon, Nantes, Paris
  • Delta => from Paris
  • Swiss => from Geneva, Zurich
  • Ryanair => from Marseille
  • Brussels Airlines => Brussels
  • Jet Air Fly => Brussels, Lille
  • Edelweiss => Zurich

Tips: get your airfare refunded

Before telling you more about the Cretan airports and the flights from France, do you know that it is possible to get a refund on your plane tickets? During your trip to Crete or Greece, it is possible to experience flight delays or simply cancellations.

For this type of disruption, it is possible to obtain compensation. The easiest way is to make a request via a specialized service such as AirHelp, which will take care of the procedures for you. Then, for the refund of your air ticketclick on the link!

When to go to Crete?

When to find a cheap flight to Crete?

Where to go out in Crete?

When to go to Crete? When is the best time of year to find a cheap ticket to Crete?

For a nice and cheap vacation in Greece, discover below the average prices of air tickets to Crete, as well as the promotions you can expect during the year for a round trip flight:

Evolution of pricesJanFebMarchAprilMayJuneJul.AugustSept.Oct.Nov.dec.
Average price280 €220 €210 €220 €210 €190 €260 €320 €200 €200 €240 €320 €
Exceptional price130 €140 €150 €120 €140 €130 €170 €220 €140 €130 €160 €220 €

What is the year-round temperature?

What are the best months to travel to Crete?

MonthMin (°C)Max (°C)Average (°C)

What are the direct flights to Crete from Belgium and Switzerland?

If you are close to these borders, it is of course possible to book a plane ticket from Belgium or Switzerland to Crete:

  • flight Brussels-Chania : 3h25
  • flight Brussels-Heraklion : 3h25
  • flight Geneva-Heraklion : 2h45
  • flight Zurich-Chania : 2h50
  • flight Zurich-Heraklion : 2h50