You often complain about the cost of phone calls that cell phone operators charge you every time you call from abroad. You should know that there are now different ways to reduce the cost of calling from one country to another, or even from one continent to another. Here are the steps to follow to benefit from these calls at the lowest cost.

Choose your phone number

It is a matter of having a chip or SIM card that only serves to keep your number, regardless of your destination. Indeed, the telephone company offers affordable rates for local calls. In this case, the rates become expensive when you call from abroad.

For example, during a trip to South Asia, after having obtained your Vietnam visa, it is better to be prepared and to plan a solution to call from abroad.

In this first step, the idea is to get only a SIM card that allows you to have an international phone line. This means that no matter where you are, your phone number will always be the one given to you by the original telephone operator.

Opt for a local prepaid SIM card

This solution consists in using a SIM card in your destination country, especially when it is a permanent stay. With a local SIM card, you can recharge it as you wish, depending on the frequency of your calls from abroad.

Obviously, the credit or refill allows you to make calls, send SMS and also surf the internet. In addition, it does not commit you to any long-term contract or package.

Use of mobile applications

This is particularly true of the Roamer mobile application. It is more than easy to use, while allowing you to limit your costs to call a friend or family member from abroad. To do this, it is important to register the phone number that you will use once at your destination.

Specifically, the first step is to register your original phone number. After that, you just need to install your choice of foreign SIM card with data. Finally, you need to activate your phone line or phone number. That said, you can now call from abroad at the lowest cost (about 0.01 cents per minute) with your original number.