When to go to Crete?

You may have already decided to go to Crete for your next vacation or vacation. But have you asked yourself if this is the right time? Also, based on your program, did you choose the right time?

If these questions are on your mind, then this article will be of great help.

What to know about the climate of Crete?

Crete is characterized by a Mediterranean climate. In other words, expect temperatures to rise slightly, especially in summer.

But what can make these moments of heat bearable, it is especially the wind which blows almost permanently, refreshing the ambient air.

This is due to the fact that Crete is exposed to sea currents, so it will never be too hot.

Similarly, the winters are milder than in the interior of Greece.

It remains to be seen which will be the best period to go to Crete. Generally speaking, we can say that Crete is accessible all year round.

But to be a little more practical, it should be noted that the best period is from April to September. The month of October is already the end of the tourism season with the end of summer and the arrival of winter in December.

But as we mentioned above, it all depends on why you decided to go to Crete.

Choose your activities according to the period

If you are planning to visit Crete between January and March, then you must be looking for ski slopes or similar activities.

Indeed, heading to Crete for this purpose is a good venture, as the trails there offer spectacular ocean views.

Are you wondering if it is possible to do some sightseeing or visit places? Yes, but only a few, like museums.

Most of the places to visit are closed or not very interesting at this time of the year.

On the other hand, by going to the museum, you will have the advantage of not being caught in a big crowd. Between April and September, the city is sunny and this will be the best time to enjoy all that it has to offer as a center of interest.

It will also be easier to find accommodation, provided that you do not go there during the peak period (July and August). It is during this period that the number of tourists is the highest in the year.

Weather and flight prices

It is also important to understand before choosing your period to come to Crete, that the period also influences the price of your plane ticket.

Indeed, while the influx is rather low between January and March, the price of airfare varies between 330 and 280 euros from France.

Between April and September, it varies between 190 and 290 euros, with an increase between July and August when prices oscillate between 300 and 320 euros. December is the most expensive period, the ticket can exceed 400 euros.