Are vacations a unique time to relax and get away from the daily routine. Whether it is during the summer or at the end of the year, the vacations are a time to spend pleasant moments with your family. Crete, for example, is an island particularly suitable for family stays. However, like everything else, these carefree moments on the Greek island come to an end. To not forget all the happiness lived and shared, you can buy and bring back in your suitcases original vacation souvenirs. To this end, here is a presentation of a few avenues to explore.

Personalized postcards for colorful memories

Postcards (or stamps) have always been considered worthy vacation souvenirs. Although they were originally used in 1870 for communication between wounded soldiers and their loved ones, they are now used as a tool to transmit greetings and news. Personalized postcards exist nowadays, and it comes to justify the usefulness of a postcard with your photo as a vacation souvenir. Using a postcard maker application, you can easily customize your cards with the enhancement of image rendering by varnishing.

Thus, it is advisable to choose the best photos of a stay in Crete, for example, for a personalization on cardboard paper of big size or standard format. It must be said that Crete is a destination whose setting is ideal for postcards with its many dreamy landscapes. Using an application allows you to receive your personalized cards within a short time, 24 hours on average. Much faster than a letter in an envelope mailed abroad and delivered to the mailbox several days or even weeks later by the letter carrier!

Once you receive the card, you can maintain a personal collection or give it to friends and family to share your summer adventures.

What gift to bring from Crete?
Opt for the personalized postcard for your next vacation souvenir in Crete!

Pennants, an original vacation souvenir that costs almost nothing

Pennants are mini flags generally used in the military as an emblem. They can also be used as a rallying sign or signage. For vacations abroad, pennants are an original souvenir on which the country’s flag, coat of arms or crest are visible. They usually cost a maximum of 6 euros. Handy for keeping track of all the places you’ve visited, pennants can be sewn or ironed onto clothing or other accessories.

In addition, you can integrate your own collection of pennants into your interior design. Place the pennants in a place that is special to you so that you can easily remember those unique moments, and begin preparations for a new stay.

A jewel to remind you of your vacations at every moment

You can opt to buy handcrafted jewelry at your vacation spot. To wear every day or to give to a loved one, it reminds you of all the precious moments shared with your loved ones and the places you have visited. These will not collect dust like the knick-knacks brought back from your trip, which have been sitting on a shelf since the day you returned home. Bracelet, necklace, ring or earrings made with local stones are original souvenir gifts. There are all kinds for all tastes, made from opal, amber, beads, feathers, etc.. Each region of France and the world offers typical jewelry, with unique know-how. You are bound to find the one that suits you best.

Nature’s memories: take your vacation home with you

When it comes to original vacation memories, those offered by nature are second to none. They are souvenirs that make you relive every moment of your stay in a dream destination.

Every time you visit a place, you can collect small pebbles, shells, leaves, beach sand and more. In order to give more life to your interior decoration, plants are an excellent choice.

The fine sand of the most beautiful beaches of Crete, such as Elafonisi, Seitan Limania, Matala or Balos, is perfectly suited to decorate your home, in a glass or in a beautiful bottle.

If you are with the whole family, let the younger ones collect shells that can be incorporated into their room decorations. The whole family can remember the vacations by looking at or touching these natural souvenirs.

Local artworks for originality

The local works of art testify to the know-how and especially the creativity of the locals. These are original souvenirs that can be used as gifts for people who have a crush on the places you have visited. As a local work of art, decorative objects are very popular. As an example of artistic works, dolphin sculptures, or a beautiful mahogany clock are original souvenirs during a vacation in Barbados.

In addition to decorative objects, works of art can be clothing. Such is the case with the colorful Maasai blankets with checks or stripes worn by Kenyans. These blankets can be simply draped over the shoulder or worn as skirts or dresses.

For a stay in Crete, Greek pottery is also an excellent choice.

How to choose your original vacation souvenirs?

To avoid clichés, opt for out-of-the-ordinary souvenirs with a special meaning. To this end, the ones presented above will be useful. However, since this list of souvenirs is not exhaustive, keep in mind that originality must guide you.

When choosing a souvenir somewhere, focus on what makes the destination unique, this is certainly not the case with objects bearing the effigy of the place and others. The trick to being original is to be interested in what is left out by many tourists and specific to the locals!