We can’t say it enough, but Greece is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Europe and in the world. But Greece is a large country, rich in more than 450 islands, 130 of which are inhabited. With its dreamy beaches, its azure blue sea, its fine sand and its warm population: go on a greek islands cruise!

To make sure you don’t miss out on any of the riches of the land of philosophy, let’s dive into the world of cruises in Greece!

Is a cruise the best way to see Greece?

🌊 Turquoise water

🏖️ Fine sand, white and pink

🏊‍♀️ Hot water

😎 Mild temperatures all year round

🌞 Very little rain, even in winter

🤓 Cultural riches throughout the country

🍽️ Gastronomy that makes your mouth water…

We could go on and on about the merits of Greece.

The advantages of embarking on a cruise in the greek islands are numerous:

  • You can see a maximum of Greek cities and islands
  • The incredible comfort of cruise ships, with standard rooms as well as luxury suites!
  • Numerous and varied activities for children and adults: swimming pools, casino, children’s club, discotheques, shows, sports fields and gyms…
  • All inclusive packages
  • An impeccable service

Give it a try!

Greek islands cruise: our top destinations in 2023!

1. 7 days cruise and more in Greece!

Athens, the lendary Cyclades, Crete… There are so many wonders and breathtaking islands to visit: choose to go on a 7 days or more cruise in the greek islands. And book below:

2. Cruise around Santorini

The Cyclades archipelago is often the most popular place for sailing boats and ferries throughout the year. Not only in Greece, but also in the Mediterranean Sea!

When to go to Santorini ?

And for good reason, we find in the Cyclades among the most appreciated islands of the tourists:

  • Mykonos and its festive life
  • Santorini, one of the trendiest islands in recent years
  • Naxos
  • Paros

3. Cruise around Mykonos

Experience the magic of a cruise in Mykonos, whether you book it for a day or more. The colors of the sea, the sand, the atmosphere, the legendary windmills, the sunsets and, above all, the parties!

4. Cruise around Corfu

At the northern side of the Ionian Sea, the charming island of Corfu carries a rich historic past, with influences from the Venetian, French, and English…

5. Cruise around Rhodes

Here are the main reasons to visit Rhodes:

  • History: Rhodes has a long and rich history with many historical sites to explore.
  • Beaches: The island has beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and golden sand.
  • Food: Rhodes is known for its delicious cuisine, combining elements of Greek and Turkish cooking.
  • Landscapes: In addition to its beaches, Rhodes also has beautiful forests, mountains, and valleys.
  • Culture: The island has a diverse cultural history reflected in its architecture, art, and traditions.

6. Cruise around Crete

Obviously, we can only recommend a cruise to Crete. The capital Heraklion, but also the city of Chania are often the departure point of ferries, leaving in particular to Santorini or going around the island.

How to get to Balos Beach?

However, Crete Autrement recommends you to explore the Cretan wonders by sailboat:

  • Balos Beach, totem beach of the island
  • Elafonisi and its multicolored sands
  • All the north of Crete and the few islands that are there
  • Elounda and the island of Spinalonga, a fortress island where lepers were parked many years ago
  • Preveli Beach and its palm tree forest!

7. A cruise in the Ionian Islands

On the Aegean side are the Ionian Islands. In the west of the country. Zakynthos and Kefalonia are 2 islands you must see.

Cruise around Zakynthos

World famous for its Navagio Bay and Beach, book your cruise in Zakynthos here:

Here are the main reasons to visit Zakynthos:

  • Beaches: Zakynthos has beautiful beaches, including Navagio Beach (also known as Shipwreck Beach).
  • Landscapes: The island has a varied landscape, including forests, mountains, and cliffs, as well as several caves.
  • Food: Zakynthos is known for its fresh seafood and traditional dishes.
  • Culture: Zakynthos has a rich cultural history, with a number of museums, churches, and other cultural sites to visit.
  • Nightlife: Zakynthos has a vibrant nightlife, with a number of clubs, bars, and restaurants that stay open late.