The beach of Preveli is one of the most popular beaches on the island of Crete. The sparkling ocean water, incredible palm grove and soft sand make it a perfect place to relax and enjoy the incredible views. The beach of Preveli is also an ideal place for swimming, as the water is clean and clear.

Where is Preveli Beach?

The beach of Preveli is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches of the island of Crete. The beach is located in the Preveli area of the Rethymno region, about 30 kilometers south of the city of Rethymno. The beach of Preveli is a long sandy beach that is bordered by two rivers, the Kourtaliotiko River and the Megalopotamos River. The beach is also known for its amazing palm forest and crystal clear waters. Preveli beach is a popular place for swimming, sunbathing and relaxing.

How to get there?

To get to one of the most beautiful beaches in Crete and Greece, we invite you to look at these organized excursions:

Nevertheless, if you wish to arrive on the spot by your own means (car rental or bus), here is the perfect description of a French tourist to reach the beach:

To access the beach easily, note “preveli hotel” on Google Maps, this route will make you pass in front of a small tavern then on a paved road and a stone bridge. You arrive then on a large free parking lot with an access to the beach of preveli (Palm beach) by some stone staircase (10 min max). This will save you the 450 steps of the paid parking lot.

Preveli, one of the most beautiful beaches in Crete!

How to get to Preveli Beach?

Near the small town of Plakias, Crete, lies the mysterious beach of Preveli. This beach is hidden by rocks and trees, and can only be reached by a steep path. Once you are on the beach, you feel like you are in another world.

The beach of Preveli is surrounded by rocky cliffs and palm trees. There is also a river that flows into the sea. The beach is beautiful, but it is also mysterious. Indeed, it is said that pirates buried treasures in the cliffs. The locals also say that there are ghosts in the caves.



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If you visit Crete, don’t hesitate to go to the beach of Preveli. It is a beautiful and mysterious place that is worth a visit.

It is one of the few beaches on the island that is sheltered from the wind, making it an ideal place to relax and enjoy the sun. The beach is surrounded by palm trees and rocky cliffs, which gives it an exotic charm. Preveli is also known for its river that flows into the sea through the rocks. It is an ideal place to take a boat ride or to swim in the crystal clear waters.

Where to stay near Preveli?

If you are looking to stay one night or more not far from the Cretan beach, then we invite you to discover the hotels near Preveli on this Booking map:

Of course you can also stay in Rethymnon, one of the most beautiful cities of the island. If this is your case, then discover our recommendations on the article below:

What to do in Preveli Beach?

1. Visit the Monastery

Preveli is a very popular beach in the summer, because it is easily accessible and offers a beautiful landscape. The beach is also known for its monastery, which is located on a hill above the beach. The monastery was built in the 16th century and became an important place of pilgrimage for the Orthodox.

2. Go diving

The beach of Preveli is an excellent destination for water sports enthusiasts. There are several diving schools that offer courses for beginners. Scuba diving is an excellent way to discover the fauna and flora of the Mediterranean.

3. Go hiking

Preveli is also an excellent place for hikers. The path down from the main road is well maintained and offers beautiful views of the sea and the dense vegetation.

4. Getting lost in the palm trees

Preveli is a beautiful beach, but it is also a river that flows into the Mediterranean and of course a palm grove to cut the breath bordering this same river.

With its tropical oasis feel, get lost in the palm forest of Preveli Beach and take some of the best pictures of your life!

5. Enjoy!

In the summer, there are boats that leave from the beach to make excursions to the nearby islands. There are also restaurants and bars on the beach, making it a great place to relax and enjoy the beautiful view.