Matala is one of those places full of magic and history. Here, the ghosts of the past are prehistoric, Greco-Roman, but also hippies! A village and a beach full of history that is still fully alive today. Summer festival, photography mecca, memorable swims, charming hotels luxury villa rentals and welcoming alleys: Matala is waiting for you!

  • But what to do in Matala?
  • Where to sleep on site ?
  • What is the weather like all year round?
  • And how to get there?

Crete Autrement offers you its travel guide to the seaside resort, once a fishing village and home to legends of the 60s and 70s such as Janis Joplin or Bob Dylan!

Where is the beach of Matala in Crete?

Matala was a small fishing village before it became a hippie hangout in the 50s and 60s. Over time, the beach and its surroundings have become an ideal tourist destination for vacations.

Matala is located south of Heraklion: 1 hour and 66 km by car.

How to get to Matala Crete?

By car

If you want to travel across Crete with ease, you can first decide to book a private car and driver, such as these:

By bus

Traveling by bus is also an excellent choice, especially since Matala is served by several bus lines every day. Phaistos, the capital Heraklion, Agia Galini… You choose your starting point according to your location.

On excursion

Finally, you can choose to go there via an organized tour:

Hotel Matala: where to sleep in 2023?

1. Book a hotel

Numerous luxury and family hotels welcome you throughout the year in Matala and its surroundings. To enjoy this mythical beach of Crete, book your stay in one of the hotels on the map:

2. Our best kept secret 💓: Matala Caves Seafront Apartment

To help you even more in your quest for hotels in Matala and its surroundings, Crete Autrement highly recommends book a stay at Matala Caves Seafront Apartment and its breathtaking view on the beach!

Where to sleep in Matala Beach?
Which hotel in Matala?

What to do in Matala in 2023? Our 4 best activities

1. Swimming at Matala Beach

If you are looking for a change of scenery, Matala is a real seaside resort. Thanks to its charming coastline, it is a destination made for you. If one of the main attractions of the place remains the cliffs that embrace the beach, the latter is not in rest.

Fine sand, perfect blue water… Sometimes you can even play with the waves!

2. Visit the caves of Matala Crete

The beach is lined with reefs, caves, reliefs and other sceneries all as sumptuous as each other, which offers you beautiful walks by the sea.

How to get to Matala Beach?

But what makes Matala unique in the world, are of course these caves dug in the cliffs and overlooking the beach. These caves, which were used as troglodytic habitats in prehistoric times, as bedrooms in the Greco-Roman era, as meeting places for hippies (folk and rock legends Janis Joplin and Bob Dylan have passed through them) and now as Instagrammable photo spots, are a marvel of Nature!

2€ the right of way nevertheless, which allows however to maintain the place

3. Visit the village of Matala

Matala has a very charming little village where you can also do your shopping and buy souvenir gifts.

You can also find in Matala several entertainment facilities of all kinds. Discos, taverns and bars are part of it. You can also find places to rent a windsurfing board.

4. Party at the Matala Beach Festival

Also take advantage of your visit to attend the Matala Beach Festival which takes place every year in the summer since 2011. Greek and international groups perform there.

You will also find several parallel events for children and adults, as well as street painting which transforms the village into a gigantic fresco!

Weather Matala: what is the weather like all year round ?

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Thanks to its warm Mediterranean climate, the seaside resort of Matala in Crete offers its visitors good sunny moments with friends or family. Indeed, the climate in Matala in summer is very dry. During this period, you will fully enjoy swimming and going to the beach.

The average temperature in Matala is 18.5°C and annual precipitation is almost rare.

Moreover, the climate is very stable. So you won’t be surprised by a sudden change in temperature if you decide to go there. The ideal months to visit this beautiful seaside resort are between April and November.

Matala: what do you think about the Cretan village?

The incredibly colorful beach of Matala

Very pleasant beach, large but not noisy. When you sit on the left side, you can listen to the musician playing in one of the cafes along the beach. It’s clean.

Tripadvisor, September 2020

Worth the detour. It’s hard not to fall in love with this paradisiacal panorama. Bring your bathing suit and 2 euros for parking if you come by car.

Tripadvisor, October 2020

Beautiful beach bordered by a cliff with caves. Visually it is to see, the water is clear and very fishy! Being big fans of snorkeling we were served! As for the beach itself, umbrellas and deckchairs yes, but it is possible to find a quiet corner where you can put your towel.

Tripadvisor, October 2020