There is one detail that never deceives about the beauty of a landscape or a tourist destination: the number of times the place appears on Instagram! And concerning Lagos Beach and its pink lagoon, each day has its own series of amateur photos, each one more beautiful than the other. Balos is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Crete. A wonder of nature not easy to access, but with promises like no other. An idyllic place with shallow waters, ideal for a small family excursion and a unique sea bath in the world.

  • But what to do in Balos?
  • How to get there?
  • What is the weather like all year round?

Crete Autrement offers you its travel guide dedicated to Balos Beach: the pink beach of Crete!

Where is Balos Beach in Crete?

Balos, but also Gramvousa, another tourist place of Crete with paradisiacal beaches, are located at the northwestern point of the island.

You will find Balos and its pink lagoon in the region of Chania: 50km and 1h20 from the city.

Above all, Balos is only 15 km and 40 min away from Kissamos (that’s how steep the road is!).

How to get to Balos Beach?

On excursion

To get to Balos, there are several excellent excursions from the larger cities of Crete. A way to travel that may save you some transportation hassles! See instead:


By car

The town of Kissamos is only 17 km from Balos. So you can go there by car. However, we strongly recommend you to go in 4×4 (rental?), to be able to cross the last kilometers without any problem, in order to reach Gramvousa, then Balos Beach.


At the end of the road, paradise! But we will have to walk.

If you like to be active, you can walk to the beach of Balos from the parking lot. But it can take you more than three hours depending on where you start. Be careful, because there is a lot of dust on the way.

We recommend you to leave from Falassarna (1h), as detailed below.


Many companies offer excursions with a visit to the beach of Balos. You will share the crossing with other tourists, it is the ideal opportunity to make new friends.

Where to sleep in Balos?

Find your hotel

As the area is protected, you will not find a hotel on site. We therefore recommend you to visit the hotels in and around Kissamos. An overview for you on this map of the region:

Our favorite ♥ : Villa Veghera

Nevertheless, Crete Autrement recommends a magnificent villa with a secluded swimming pool to rent with family or friends: the magnificent Villa Veghera near Kissamos!

What to do in Balos Beach? Top 4 activities

Going on holiday to Crete? Don’t forget to visit the beach of Balos, which is a dream place for relaxing activities. We offer you about 4 things to do in Balos.

1. Discover and enjoy the incredible lagoon

Which Cretan beach to visit?
  • Swimming in pleasant, shallow water. Balos is surrounded by an impressive lagoon. This means that you will be safe from the big waves. Don’t forget to take along swimming goggles or a diving mask to watch the small local fish and the exceptional colours of the sand in the Balos lagoon.
  • Enjoying Balos Beach is also about slowing down time in a natural landscape so unique in the world. So don’t hesitate to bring a good book for a reading session you will remember. There are secluded places in Balos. You can take advantage of the quiet surroundings to read a book.
  • Sunbathing in peace. On holiday, you should enjoy your free time by improving your skin tone! Balos beach is an ideal place for sunbathing, but beware of sunburn on the spot: the sun of Balos Beach is unforgiving!

2. A photo session with your feet in the pink sand

Don’t hesitate to get up high and spot the most beautiful panoramas of Balos for some great shots. Immortalise this pink sand lagoon with your smartphone or camera.

3. Go to Gramvoussa

From Kissamos, there are several ferries offering day trips to Balos Beach, but also to the island of Gramvousa, which for many people is as spectacular as Balos, if not more so!

In addition to swimming, a must-do is to climb to the top of Gramvousa Fort and admire the horizon from this high point.

4. Hike from Falassarna to Balos

Quelles sont les plus belles plages de Grèce ?

Between Falassarna (photo above) and Balos Beach, you will pass through an area classified as Nature 2000 in Crete. A protected area in fact.

There are several hiking trails, of varying lengths, with one path requiring no more than an hour’s walk.

Balos weather

Of course, you will not be surprised to find that the weather in Balos is particularly good for most of the year. Find out here what the year-round climate is like in Balos Beach (on average), from January to December:


It should also be noted that from June to September, the beach only experiences one day of rain per month.

Our very best tips before heading to Balos Beach

Comment aller à Balos Beach ?

In summer, the temperature in Crete is very high. Don’t forget to prepare yourself for the occasion. So, choose suitable clothes (loose and light). Take sun cream with you, of course. This is essential in order to avoid burns and tan lines during your walk to Balos Beach.

Also make sure you have hats and sunglasses with you. These accessories will be very useful during your stay.

Finally, always take a bottle of water with you when you go out. Indeed, the risk of dehydration remains high, especially if you travel in summer. In short, Balos beach is a beautiful place to visit if you are in Crete. It is the ideal place to spend some quality time with your family or your partner.