In Mykonos, there are many popular places to visit. Paradise Beach is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches on the island. It is surrounded by bars and restaurants, which makes it a favorite place for tourists. Beach clubs like Cavo Paradiso and Paradise Club are also very popular. The town of Mykonos is also a very popular place. There are many bars and clubs, as well as stores and restaurants. Most tourists spend their time exploring the city and enjoying the nightlife.

Party on the sea with friends

There are not only clubs and other beach clubs in life, ladies and gentlemen!

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Mykonos is the perfect place to party on the sea!

4 best beach clubs in Mykonos

1. Paradise Beach: THE beach to party on

Where to party in Mykonos?

Mykonos is a small island in the Aegean Sea, located off the Turkish coast. It is known for its mild climate, fine sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. The island is also known for its typical architecture, its windmills and its small white houses. 

Paradise beach is located a few kilometers from Chora (5km and 15 min by car), on the southeast coast of the island. It is a beach very popular with tourists, especially young people. The waters are clear and perfect for swimming. If you want to go scuba diving, you will also find many structures that offer all-inclusive packages.

Paradise Beach is also known for its bars and clubs, which liven up the night, such as the famous Paradise Beach Club!

2. Beach of Panormos

Where to party on the beach in Mykonos?

For your pleasure, head to the north coast of Mykonos. Panormos is a cool place with a long stretch of beach where there is only sand. There is also a beachclub that serves delicious food and hosts legendary parties with many international DJs. Sun loungers overlooking the Aegean Sea, VIP service and fine cocktails. Let’s dance!

3. Beach of Paraga

What is the best beachclub in Mykonos?

Paraga beach is famous locally and abroad for its white sand and crystal clear water. The beach bars are another highlight of Paraga Beach, with top-notch DJs throughout the year and an atmosphere that blends perfectly with the surroundings. The service matches the ambiance, offering a range of upscale drinks and gastro dishes perfect for late nights or daytime elbow grease. You can also choose to have a more tranquil experience at a seafood tavern located on the sand, or on the nearby beach of Agia Anna.

4. Beach of Ftelia

What is the best beach club in Mykonos?

Another famous beach atmosphere on the island. Experienced surfers know Ftelia Beach for its unique beach club atmosphere. The atmosphere is worthy of the Cyclades and its most beautiful islands, but also very refreshing. The food is excellent. The view is breathtaking all year round. You can also enjoy the small bay of Tarsanas, right next door, which is a great place to party in Mykonos.

3 restaurants where to eat in Mykonos

Before getting to the best restaurants of the island, let us introduce to you really fun activities to discover local food and enjoy with friends at the same time:

Mykonos is a small Greek island located in the Aegean Sea, about 8 kilometers south of the Attica coast. The island is famous for its fine sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and sunny climate, but it is also known for its fine cuisine. Here are some of the best places to eat in Mykonos.

1. Spilia

On a romantic vacation in the Cyclades: Spilia is the ideal restaurant for a romantic meal for those who are looking for a place to go out in Mykonos. The Spilia is located in a cave near Agia Ann on the rocks. You can sit at a table near the water and enjoy the view of Kalafatis while tasting the local specialties.

The succulent lobster linguine and the famous Mykonian Greek salad are some of the highlights of this restaurant. Spilia is a seafood restaurant specializing in oysters, mussels and sea urchins.

2. Bakalo

Bakalo is an island restaurant to be found in a traditional 18th century house, and one of the best establishments in Mykonos. Bakalo offers 100% local cuisine and uses products from the island and neighboring islands. On the spot, don’t hesitate to try the cheese with peppers and marinated octopus, the tomato balls or the baked mushrooms.

The establishment offers delicious vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxing, making it an excellent choice for families with children visiting Mykonos.

3. Nammos

Nammos is a restaurant located on the beach of Psarou, a few steps from Taverna Psaras. The restaurant serves Greek and international cuisine with the best products of the region.

The view on the beach and the sunsets are magnificent.

Nammos is open every day from 10am to 11pm.

5 clubs or bars to drink in Mykonos

Where to go dancing in Mykonos?
The Tropicana

If you’re looking for places to drink and have fun during your stay in Mykonos, here are some of the best places not to miss.

1. Paranga Beach Club

The Paranga Beach Club is one of the most popular places on the island to drink and enjoy live music.

The club is located on the beach of Paranga, one of the most beautiful beaches of Mykonos.

You can drink refreshing cocktails while admiring the view of the sea.

2. Cavo Paradiso

Cavo Paradiso is one of the most famous clubs in Mykonos. It is located at the top of a cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea.

The club offers a breathtaking view of the island and a festive atmosphere.

You can dance all night long to the sound of electronic music.

3. Aperanto Galazio

If you are looking for a quieter bar, go to Aperanto Galazio. This beach bar is located on the beach of Agios Sostis, one of the most beautiful beaches of the island.

You can drink cocktails and wines while admiring the view of the sea.

4. Jackie O’Beach Bar

Jackie O’ Beach Bar is one of the busiest bars on the island. It is located on the beach of Super Paradise, one of the most popular beaches of Mykonos.

You can drink cocktails and wines while admiring the view of the sea.

5. Tropicana Club

The Tropicana is one of the places that have made and still make the reputation of the island of Mykonos in terms of parties. Don’t hesitate to go there, to Paradise Beach, to party day and night and drink delicious cocktails.

The 3 best places to party in Mykonos

Which beach club in Mykonos?
Super Paradise!

Mykonos is the ideal place for those who like to party. Here are some of the best places to party in Mykonos.

1. Paradise Beach Club

The Paradise Club is one of the most famous clubs in Mykonos.

Located on Paradise Beach, this club is frequented by many celebrities and offers a breathtaking view of the sea.

The club offers a wide selection of music, as well as bars and restaurants.

2. Cavo Paradiso (again)

To party in Mykonos, go once again to Cavo Paradiso, in Chora. With a swimming pool and a breathtaking view of the sea, Cavo Paradiso is the perfect place to dance the night away. The club offers a variety of music, as well as bars and restaurants.

3. Super Paradise Club

The Super Paradise Club is one of the most exclusive clubs in Mykonos. Located on Super Paradise Beach, it is also one of the most iconic clubs for the LGBT community on the island!