Elounda is a beautiful and paradisiacal village in the north of Crete. A place of beauty and tourism where visitors like to go to learn, but also to enjoy the beauty of the Cretan landscape. Luxury hotels are not left out either.

  • But what exactly to do on site?
  • Where to sleep in Elounda?
  • How to get to Elounda Crete?

Crete Autrement offers you its travel guide of the destination!

How to get to Elounda, Crete?

The village is easily accessible. Let’s see.

Getting to Crete by plane

How to find tickets to Greece?

To get to Elounda in Crete, we advise you to land at Heraklion international airport, which most UK airports serve:

  • London (Gatwick)
  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Newcastle
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Belfast

Going to Elounda by Bus

Elounda by bus: 2h30 journey, for 8 to 10€ ticket per person, from Heraklion.

How to get to Elounda by car

Elounda by car: 1 hour and 70 km from Heraklion.

Going to Elounda by cab

Elounda by cab: 60 to 75€ from Heraklion.

Where to sleep in Elounda?

1. Book your hotel in Elounda

Elounda is a small village perched in the north of Crete, but it remains a major tourist attraction in Crete. Because of its proximity to Spinalonga in particular.

  • But in which hotel to sleep in Elounda?
  • Is it more interesting for you to find a resort a little further away?

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2. Choose to rent a villa with sea view in Elounda!

For a serene vacation and breathtaking scenery, why not rent a villa in Crete? The island, like many places in Greece, is blessed with incredible houses for rent, with swimming pool and sea view. A must do!

3. Booka a romm at Domes of Elounda, Autograph Collection (5 stars)

Just a few hundred metres from Leper Island, Elounda has the advantage of being a holiday destination offering luxury hotels to tourists from all over the world. So don’t hesitate for a second before booking your stay at Domes of Elounda, Autograph Collection !

Où dormir à Elounda ?

A luxury hotel in Crete and Elounda, from 2400€ per week.

Where’s Elounda in Crete?

Elounda is a small fishing village on the northern coast of Crete, 70 kilometres from the island’s capital, Heraklion. This small village of about 2,100 inhabitants is located 12 kilometres north of the nearest town, Agios Nikolaos.

It is a very pleasant little village with an incredible landscape. Perched between the sea and the mountains, this village will give you a complete change of scene.

What to do in Elounda? 5 best things to do

Sleep in one of Elounda’s luxury villa!

For lovers of beautiful hotels in Crete, Elounda has some of the most luxurious establishments on the island. It is the ideal destination if you are looking for comfort combined with breathtaking scenery. Crete Autrement recommends the unrivalled comfort of the Villa Siren below, on the heights of Elounda!

Villa à ELounda

Also worth a try if you want to sleep in Elounda are the luxury suites at Domes of Elounda!

Quel hôtel de luxe en Crète ?

A room with absolute comfort and a breathtaking view of Spinalonga!

2. Get lost in the streets of Elounda

After wandering through the historic heart of the city, feel free to get lost in the small streets and discover hidden landscapes.

The local life is worth a visit with its shops and market where you can discover local products.

3. Dive, go fishing and explore Elounda’s seabed

Many hotels in the city offer boat trips. This way you can dive and discover the underwater life hidden in the sea bed.

4. Visit Spinalonga, must see in Elounda

Off the coast of Elounda is a historical and unique feature of the world: the islet of Spinalonga. A kind of fortress perched off the coast of Elounda, Spinalonga is a mythical place in Crete and in Greece, due to its rich history.

Que faire à Elounda ?

If it was the scene of bloody clashes between Greeks and Turks, it was then a place of reception (of “quarantine” would be more exact) of the Cretan and Greek lepers. So, if you are staying in Elounda for a few days or weeks, don’t miss a visit to the place, thanks to the few cruises and ferries that go there every day.

5. Discover surrounding villages

If you go a little further afield, you can discover the hinterland through its unspoilt nature and small villages. All the interesting activities offered in this village will allow you to escape from everyday life and discover another culture. Only 11 km and 20 minutes away by car is the town of Agios Nikolaos, another famous resort on the island. It is known as the “St Tropez of Crete”! A must-see for its restaurants, nightlife, but also for its lake and its splendid beaches.

agios nikolaos

History of Elounda

The town is littered with ruins that recall its history. Elounda, which is equipped with 35 cannons, was one of the only Cretan cities to resist the Turkish invaders when they took over Crete in 1669. However, the Turks managed to take command of the city in the early 18ᵉ century and were driven out only 200 years later. The famous fortress that protected the village harbour at that time was transformed into a leper colony from 1903 to 1962: the famous Spinalonga. You can now walk through the ghost village to admire the remains of history. As a little anecdote, it was this village that inspired Dennis Lehane to write his book Shutter Island, later adapted into a film by Martin Scorsese.

Weather Elounda: when to go?

In Crete, the weather is generally mild throughout the year. As a proof, here is the yearly climate in Elounda, from January to December: 

9 à 15°
8 à 15°
9 à 17°
12 à 20°
15 à 24°
19 à 27°
22 à 29°
22 à 29°
20 à 27°
17 à 24°
13 à 20°
10 à 17°

If you prefer to enjoy mild but pleasant temperatures, it is advisable to go in the period from October to April.

In addition, tourism is less active at this time of year. However, if you are in the mood for higher temperatures, you should logically go between April and October, noting that the hottest months are obviously July and August. You can relax on the beach and enjoy a good sunbath, but be careful not to get sunburned!

Elounda review: what do you think about it?

Où aller à l'est de la Crète ?
Et vous, que pensez-vous du village de pêcheurs ?

Charming fishing village beautifully situated on the Gulf of Mirabello. Around the harbour: restaurants and bars from which you can admire the landscape. Possibility to take the boat to Spinalonga where there is an old leprosarium.

Tripadvisor, october 2019

We really liked this small seaside resort …. the harbour, the restaurants, the comfortable beach with its deckchair rental … the swimming very pleasant …. situation near the centre …. Very charming village … where it is good to live… To visit !

Tripadvisor, june 2019

Nice little port full of charm. Beautiful setting. Good quality restaurants. Enriching walks!

Tripadvisor, septembre 2018