Whether you’re planning a seminar, a team-building event or simply a business trip to meet a major client, Greece is full of destinations where you can combine business with pleasure. But where to go? How? And how do you manage business travel expenses? We tell you all about it!

Do you need a business visa for your business trip to Greece?

Can I travel with an ID card to Greece?

There is good news for French business travelers: there is no single visa for business trips to Greece. Greece, as a member of the European Union, allows entry to French citizens with a valid passport or national identity card. This policy considerably facilitates business travel by avoiding the complicated procedures required to obtain a visa.

If in doubt, you can also contact the Greek diplomatic or consular representation closest to your place of residence for personalized advice.

Greece makes organizing your business trips simple and accessible, allowing French professionals to concentrate on their work and enjoy all that this magnificent country has to offer.

How can you better manage your business travel expenses?

Every business trip generates costs. From plane tickets to meals and accommodation, these expenses can quickly add up and have a significant impact on a company’s budget. Precise management is therefore crucial to maximizing profitability. What’s more, certain hidden costs, such as incidental expenses or unforeseen events, can be avoided or reduced through effective management.

To help you better manage business travel expenses, consult our detailed guide to managing business travel expenses. You’ll find practical advice on how to optimize your costs and ensure transparent management.

5 destinations to consider for your business trip to Greece

1. Athens: the capital of possibilities

Athens, the Greek capital, is an ideal destination for business travel. The nerve center of the Greek economy is this dynamic metropolis, home to numerous national and international companies. A variety of options for business meetings, seminars and conferences are available in the Kolonaki business district. What’s more, in your free time you can visit historic sites such as the Acropolis or explore the lively neighborhoods of Plaka and Monastiraki.

2. Thessaloniki: the second-largest business city

Thessaloniki, the country’s second-largest city and a dynamic commercial center, is located in northern Greece. Many companies and entrepreneurs are interested in its booming economy. The downtown area is filled with modern conference centers, exquisite restaurants and first-class hotels. Thessaloniki also offers quick access to the beaches of the Aegean Sea, so you can enjoy a well-earned break after your professional duties.

3. Heraklion: the fusion of business and pleasure in Crete

For those looking for a mix of work and relaxation, Heraklion, Crete’s largest city, is an excellent choice. In addition to its modern meeting and conference facilities, Heraklion offers easy access to beautiful beaches, exciting archaeological sites and delicious Cretan cuisine. You’ll be able to combine professional efficiency with an authentic Mediterranean experience.

4. Rhodes: the island of meetings and pleasures

If you’re looking for a unique business destination, look no further than Rhodes. Greece boasts first-class infrastructure for business events, including contemporary conference centers. When you’ve finished your chores, visit the medieval old town of Rhodes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the beautiful village of Lindos (pictured above right), or relax on the golden sandy beaches.

5. Salonika: the beauty of the north

Salonika (or Thessalonika) is a major port city in Greece and a fast-growing economic hub. It offers unique opportunities for business travel. Here you’ll find modern hotels, well-equipped conference facilities and a lively nightlife. Explore Thessaloniki’s archaeological museum between meetings or relax on the nearby Aegean beaches.

By effectively managing business travel expenses, companies can maximize profitability while maintaining employee satisfaction. Greece, with its varied destinations, is an ideal destination for discerning business travelers. So pack your bags and set off to discover these exceptional destinations!