When strolling through the narrow streets of Chania, or even worse, its port, it’s very easy to be tempted by this or that Cretan taverna, and other charming restaurants. So, to help you decide where to eat in Chania not far from your hotel, but also in the region, here’s our selection of the 9 best restaurants!

Itinerary of the best restaurants in and around Chania

1. Thalassino Ageri, a must for seafood lovers in Chania

Welcome to Thalassino Ageri in the town of Chania and the Tabakaria district. Where you can enjoy an exceptional meal with your feet almost in the water!

Treat yourself to a delicious evening with a glass of local wine and a magnificent sunset over the bay.

Grilled octopus, grilled swordfish and fried shark are just some of the fresh seafood and fish available on the menu.

Be sure to try the grilled octopus, the restaurant’s specialty, and book a table on the seafront for a breathtaking view.

2. Tamam in Chania, a culinary experience in the old town

In the heart of Chania’s old town, the Tamam restaurant welcomes you in a picturesque alleyway.

Some may feel cramped eating in the alley, but it’s also a great opportunity to get a very local experience by eating outside like this!

For years, this establishment has been seducing diners with its tasty dishes. During your visit, let yourself be tempted by Iranian rice, an unmissable specialty.

3. Oasis, Chania’s best souvlaki!

If you’re a fan of street-food and, better still, souvlaki pita, Oasis is the place to be!

This street-side canteen offers delicious, homemade souvlaki, with generous portions and unbeatable prices. When you eat in the street, you don’t sit down!

4. Taverna Kastanofolia, Elos’ best-kept secret

Visit the charming Taverna Kastanofolia in the village of Ellos. Here you can enjoy excellent Cretan cuisine in a bucolic setting.

You’ll find this wonderful restaurant on your way to the Elafonissi lagoon!

The kleptico, a melt-in-your-mouth meat dish, and the boureki, probably the best in the region, are well worth a visit. Round off your meal with a delicious chestnut liqueur. Not forgetting, of course, the emblematic and indispensable Cretan salad!

5. Taverna Dialeskari, Marmara Beach’s hidden tavern

Let’s continue our culinary journey to Tavera Dialeskari, in the town of Sfakia, in southern Crete. An address nestled on Marmara Beach, accessible only on foot or by boat!

In addition to its exceptional setting, this restaurant offers an authentic culinary experience. During your visit, let yourself be tempted by :

  • avocado salad,
  • the briam,
  • oven-baked lamb
  • and, of course, tzatziki.

6. Gramboussa, the pearl of Kaliviani

After or before visiting Elafonissi beach, you might also want to see for yourself one of the other wonders of Cretan nature: Balos Beach and its multicolored lagoon!

On the way, stop off at the Gramboussa restaurant in the village of Kaliviani. Here, everything is designed to delight your senses: magnificent surroundings, attentive service and exceptional cuisine. Must-try dishes include avocado salad, fried zucchini and home fries. And for those with a sweet tooth, a dessert buffet awaits!

7. Rokos, the meeting place for seafood lovers

If you love seafood, the Rokos restaurant in Marathi is for you. A simple but warm place, a local canteen with its feet in the sand, where you can enjoy :

  • fried calamari,
  • marinated anchovies
  • and seasonal vegetables, all with a breathtaking view of the sea.

8. Le Poseidon, a taste of the sea in Georgioupoli!

Continuing the seafood theme, Poseidon restaurant offers a unique experience in the town of Georgioupoli, east of Chania!

The dishes, prepared with fresh produce chosen by you, combine taste and freshness. On your next visit, don’t miss :

  • grilled tuna,
  • grilled squid
  • dakos
  • and other roasted chicken

You can even go to the restaurant’s fish counter and choose what you want to eat!

9. Gavalianos Kafenes Monica’s Tavern, the peaceful corner of Gavalochori

For a calm and serene stopover, head for Monica’s Tavern in Gavalochori, between Chania and Georgioupoli. A very popular establishment with local Cretans.

This restaurant, renowned for its tasty cuisine, invites you to enjoy your meal in its charming garden. Dishes to try include:

  • arugula salad,
  • the fava
  • and pork in red ginger sauce.