Who doesn’t dream of traveling far from their city to discover other horizons? However, the flight can last for dozens of hours, and sitting in the plane without being able to admire the landscape can be very painful. To withstand long-haul flights, preparation is essential. Here are a few tips to help you get through that long, drawn-out commute.

Choosing a seat on the plane

Corridor or porthole? In an airplane, the seat is well defined as soon as the ticket is booked. If you prefer to be closer to the window to admire the outside view and sleep against the partition, it is advisable to reserve your place on the window side.

However, if you prefer to get up often to stretch your legs, it is better to choose a corridor seat. The latter is the best seat when traveling on a long-haul flight. When traveling with your family and you want to have side-by-side seating, choose the back seats. However, if you are afraid of turbulence, the bottom seat is not recommended.

Dress lightly during the flight

There is no need to wear your best clothes on the plane. Today, a plane ticket is within everyone’s reach, your look will not impress anyone anymore. You must think especially about your comfort. Wear light clothing that will make you feel comfortable.

With that, you need to know what the temperature will be on the plane. During a long-haul flight, the temperature may vary from one country to another, so remember to bring warm and cold clothes.

Accessories to take along

To improve your comfort on an airplane, you may want to bring a few essential accessories, especially if you are traveling at night. On that note, for a better sleep, bring a neck pillow and a sleep mask.

If you want to watch movies, get out your personal headphones, the quality is much better than the one offered on the airplane. Finally, don’t forget to bring two bottles of water although drinks are served free of charge on the planes, it is sometimes annoying to always ask for service from a host or stewardess.