Do you want to fly to Crete? And you want to be reassured that everything goes smoothly during your stay? Crete is a Greek island, one of the largest in the eastern Mediterranean.

It is full of breathtaking landscapes, its beauty helps you to find the joy of living. But before all that, here are some tips to know if you decide to take a flight from to Crete.

Which seasons to go to Crete?

Spring and autumn are the best times if you decide to travel to Crete. If you are looking for a moment of relaxation during your stay, a swim in the hot water will give you a feeling of well-being.

If you love nature, all the more reason to spend a good time there, because during the months of September and October you will enjoy the beauty of nature. By being flowery and green, the vegetation will help you to find calm, if you want to detach yourself from the daily stress. If you decide to go in summer, the wind is lighter so the heat is livable.

Some precautions to take before the trip

Before packing your suitcase. Don’t forget that you are going to swim in the sea and enjoy the sun. Feel free to bring products that help you fight sunburn. Use of anti-mosquito products is recommended to avoid malaria. If you suffer from motion sickness, bring medications that help you enjoy your stay.

Travel by air from Paris

The fastest way to get to Crete is by air. Whether you like to travel during the day or at night and are looking for direct flights from Paris, don’t worry, as many companies are there to offer you several flights. You can also book a cheap hotel in Paris if you need to arrive the day before takeoff.

It’s up to you to decide when to go to Crete? And with which company? According to your choice and availability. Please note that you must have an identity card and a valid passport to enter this territory.