Thelargest Greek island, Crete is one of the most coveted places in the world. This mythical island on the borders of the East and Europe. It abounds in numerous ancient sites that have lost none of their charm. Crete offers a magnificent view at specific times of the year. April is one of the most privileged months.

Going to Crete in April: tickets at what price?

Traveling from France to Crete in April is a big deal. You can depart from your city’s airport or the nearest one, almost anywhere in France.

How to travel to Greece?

Tickets from 70€ to reach Crete in April from France!

Flight costs are determined by the city of departure. Indeed, the price list is as follows to visit Crete in April:

  • Marseille : from 77,09 euros
  • Toulouse : from 92,51 euros
  • Paris : from 117,42 euros
  • Nice : from 151,21 euros
  • Lyon : from 159,98 euros
  • Nantes : from 201,18 euros
  • Bordeaux : from 204,65 euros
  • Montpellier : from 328,98 euros
  • Brest : from 475,87 euros
  • Rennes : from 488,25 euros
  • Pau : from 700,19 euros
  • Strasbourg : from 930,52 euros
  • Clermont-Ferrand : from 1214,01 euros.

These prices are the minimums observed over the last eight days. However, they can vary.

Where to sleep in Crete in April?

Typing “
hotels Crete
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Climate Crete April: what weather to expect?

April is a dry month and therefore ideal for a stay in Crete.

What to do in Greece in April?

The island is splendid in spring!

Average temperature in April

At this time, temperatures are relatively high. As for precipitation, it has dropped considerably, to about 7 days out of 30. The sun shines properly for more than 8 hours a day.

In April, the average temperature in Crete is estimated at 17°C.

The morning

However, the mornings are both mild and cool. The sky is not very cloudy and therefore favorable for a morning hike. Moreover, the clemency of the middle of the day will leave you speechless. These times of day promise an estimated latent heat of 19°C.

This is the perfect time to explore the island of Crete from top to bottom. You can also consider a walk along the beautiful beaches of the island. Seduced by the splendor of these turquoise waters, the more adventurous can opt for a swim.

In the evening

As for the beginning of the evening, they promise an apparent freshness announcing the winter to come. At this moment the wind becomes a little softer. It is important to have your windbreaker with you.

Crete in April: what events?

What to do in Crete
in April?

A stay in Crete is the ideal time to participate in various local and religious events. During the month of August, religious events are the most regular.

The procession of the epitafios

This is the first major event of Holy Week or Passion Week. The procession of the epitafios is a commemoration of the shroud of Christ. It consists of a walk through the streets surrounding the churches. Although it is a religious event, it attracts a multitude of individuals, believers or not.

Orthodox Passover

The Orthodox Easter is the most important religious holiday in Crete. It symbolizes the culmination of the Holy Week. This party begins with the resurrection cries on Saturday night. Sparklers are lit and fireworks resound everywhere. The Easter feast brings together families and loved ones around a unique meal: a lamb. Moreover, this festival also marks the arrival of spring.

All in all, April is an ideal month to travel and stay in Crete. Airline tickets are affordable in all cities of France. Also, the climatic conditions are optimal to guarantee unforgettable moments. As for the Cretan events in April, they will make you keep better memories.