Summer is not yet here but you already feel a BIG need to go and recharge your batteries in the sun! Is Crete a good compromise? Is the weather in Crete nice in May? Can we swim in May? What to do on site and for what budget?

All the answers to your questions are below!

Is Crete hot in May?

Can you swim in Crete in May?

Before you leave for Crete in May, it is important that you have an idea of the climate there in order to anticipate the type of clothing you will need and the activities you can do.

And, end of the suspense… Yes ! The weather in Crete in May is beautiful in the main cities of the island!

CityAverage temperature (°C)Max temperature (°C)Average temperature (°C)Sea temperature (°C)Sunshine rate (hours per day)Rainfall (mm)
Agios Nikolaos162319201014

The average sunshine duration in May is very high and, moreover, it does not rain.

Note that in May in Crete, it rains only 3 days on average

This gives you the freedom to do as many fun and tourist activities as you want during your vacation.

Are Crete ticket flights affordable in May?

The month of May offers us great opportunities to travel at very good value for money: the weather is very nice, temperatures are starting to rise and so is the temperature of the sea. So take the opportunity without hesitation to buy a cheap air ticket to Heraklion or Chania as soon as you can!

What to do in Greece in May?

To have an precise idea on the best fares to Crete in May, discover below the different flights leaving from UK to Crete (direct and indirect), as well as the average prices of the return tickets:

AirportDestinationAirlineFlight TypeAverage Price (in GBP)
London Gatwick (LGW)Chania (CHQ)easyJetDirect100-150
London Gatwick (LGW)Heraklion (HER)easyJetDirect100-150
London Heathrow (LHR)Heraklion (HER)British AirwaysIndirect200-250
Manchester (MAN)Chania (CHQ)Jet2Direct150-200
Manchester (MAN)Heraklion (HER)Jet2Direct150-200
Edinburgh (EDI)Chania (CHQ)Jet2Direct150-200
Edinburgh (EDI)Heraklion (HER)Jet2Direct150-200
Dublin (DUB)Chania (CHQ)RyanairDirect100-150
Dublin (DUB)Heraklion (HER)RyanairDirect100-150
Cardiff (CWL)Heraklion (HER)TUI AirwaysIndirect200-250

Of course, these are average prices, so look out for bargains, there are always some!

Budget: how much for a 1 week trip in Crete in May?

For 1 week in May, with a flight from London to Heraklion, in a 4* hotel with a shared swimming pool and a “medium” budget, you can expect a budget of about 800€ per person!

British pounds (£):

CategoryPrice per person per dayTotal amount for 2 persons
Accommodation£43 for a 4* hotel with pool£602
Activities and visits£7£98
Airline ticket£75£300

US dollars ($):

CategoryPrice per person per dayTotal amount for 2 persons
Accommodation$53 for a 4* hotel with pool$742
Activities and visits$9$126
Airline ticket$96$384

Where to sleep in Crete in May?

Find your hotel

Crete Autrement compiles for you the best hotel and villa offers in Crete from Booking on this map. Make your choice:

Also find other hotel options here:

Find a cheap hotel

It is LARGE possible to find a cheap hotel in Crete in May. To help you get there, here are the best deals of the moment (updated throughout May) provided by Booking :

Book a villa with pool

Sometimes too expensive in summer, why not choose the option of a villa rental with sea view and pool in Crete? If the idea makes you shiver, go to our partner below and his dream houses:

What to do in Crete in May? Our Top 5

1. Go to Balos and Elafonisi

Why “go for it”?

Simply because these 2 wonders of nature are so busy with tourists in summer, that you have to take advantage of this period in May, when the island is less frequented but sunny, to go there. Take a good look and bathe in these waters with multicolored sands…

Do not hesitate to book an organized trip below to Elafonisi and Balos, sometimes difficult to access:

2. Take the opportunity to visit Heraklion

If you pass by Heraklion If you are passing through Heraklion, whether landing or visiting, take the opportunity to visit this city with its incredible cultural heritage: between Greece, the Arab world, the Venetian era and modern times! The port alone is worth a visit. Of course, there are many attractions and sights to do to really visit Crete, such as Knossos, Cretaquarium or a 4×4 Safari:

3. Discover Chania

Chania is the other big city to see in Crete. Its 100% Cretan charm is incredible and a must-see. You will love to lose yourself in its colorful streets and above all, to discover the incredible welcome of the Cretans, of a kindness and benevolence unique in the world. Please note that there are many great excursions to be made from Chania:

4. Walk in the Samaria Gorge

What are the best trails in Crete?

Here again, take advantage of a very mild weather but without high temperatures to go to one of the natural wonders of the island: the exceptional Samaria Gorge. The Samaria Gorge is located on the southwest coast of Crete, about 43 km southwest of Chania.

  • From Chania, it takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes by car to reach the gorge.
  • From Heraklion, the Samaria Gorge is about 150 km to the west. The drive takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes.

It is also possible to take a bus or an organized tour to the Samaria Gorge from these cities:

5. Test the island’s aquatic clubs

All inclusive vacation in Gouves, Crete
The Gouves Waterpark Holiday Resort and its incredible water park for young and old!

Here too, we recommend that you take advantage of the island’s less frequented times to have fun in the island’s water parks. There are several of them and some of them are very spectacular as you will see on our article below :

Is May a good time to visit Crete? 2 reasons !

1. A very favorable climate

The first reason is obviously the climate. During this month, the sun is still in full swing, which will allow you to enjoy completely radiant days.

2. Low season

Crete in May, although touristy, is still the low season. That is to say that the influx of tourists is less. This allows you to travel to all the places of your choice without fear of crowds.

What to discover in Crete?

Only 5km from the capital Heraklion, you will find the Palace of Knossos!

Moreover, you will get up when you want to start your day and visit the most touristic sites (Knossos Palace, Spinalonga, the streets of Heraklion…), which is not always the case in high season of tourism. At such times, you have to get up very early to avoid missing the boat.

Crete in May: what events?

1. Greek National Day

Crete offers several interesting events to fill your agenda. On May 1, the Cretans celebrate the national holiday or Day of No), honoring the memory of their martyrs who died fighting in Arkadi in 1 866 to defend the homeland.

2. The Spring Festival

It is also the occasion of the spring festival, during which the population adorns the doors of their houses and hoods with flowery garlands. This event takes place on May 1st.

3. The Anastenaria

TheAnastenaria, celebrated from May 21 to 23, is a pagan religious festival during which the inhabitants dance on embers, barefoot, in honor of Saint Helen and Saint Constantine.

There are many other activities and places to explore in Crete. Don’t hesitate to make your reservation, and don’t forget to take some souvenir photos!

4. Commemoration in Chania

Also in May, on the side of Chania, you can attend the commemoration of theinvasion of Crete by the Germans.