Driving to Crete

More and more tourists are deciding to spend their vacations in Crete. Still called the island of the gods, the journey that leads there is still relatively long.

If you plan to go there by car, it will surely be to be able to contemplate the surprising landscapes which mark out the road. But how do you go about making the trip memorable?


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The best time for this type of trip is during the summer. The roads are less capricious and you will be able to travel in good weather conditions.

You can rent a car to get around the city once you are there. That said, if you have the heart for it, you can take to the road in yours.

But no matter what, you should always avoid making the trip alone at the risk of getting bored along the way.

Plan stopovers and places to sleep. A GPS can help you identify places that can be used in this context. Have enough money (especially cash) on you and more importantly, a good supply of food.

Only travel at night on roads that are properly illuminated. Now, if your soul is that of a great traveler, you can hit the road.

The journey to Crete by car

By land, the distance to cover will be approximately 3262 km. It’s quite long actually. You will be traveling through several countries, and the first on the list is Germany.

Depending on the route you take, you may pass through a city like Bayern. But long before you reach this point of your long journey, you will have traveled more than 800 km from Paris. You can take a bus or other means of land travel that does not include sea travel.

In 563 km you will have left Bayern for Slovenia, having crossed Austria. If you are traveling by public transportation, then find out in advance about the departure and arrival times of the means of transportation. If you are doing it with your own means of travel, then a GPS is mandatory so that you don’t get lost on the way. From Slovenia to Greece, you still have a long way to go.

Don’t forget to stop from time to time to contemplate the nature you are passing through. Keep a camera to capture some moments.

The rest of the journey will take you through Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Albania. For this part of the circuit, it is necessary to cover approximately 1990 kilometers.

But if you take shortcuts, the distance can be reduced, not much though. For the driving time, it is necessary to count more than 40 hours at the wheel, to be stretched over several days to spend on the road with stopovers at each new stage of the journey.

Once in Crete, you can rent a car to explore the island. For those who want to make the trip with their car, it is better to be sure to have time to spend in Crete. This is important because you will need time to recuperate before getting back on the road.

Why buy temporary car insurance?

Where to rent a car to drive in Crete?

When you own a car, it is essential to have car insurance to be covered in case of an accident or damage caused to others. But what happens when you need to travel for a short time, for a weekend, or when you need to lend your car to a relative? In these situations, term insurance can be an advantageous and flexible solution.

What is temporary car insurance?

Temporary car insurance is a type of insurance that covers a vehicle for a limited period of time, from 1 to 90 days. It is often offered in the form of a “pay as you drive” contract, where the insured only pays for the kilometers actually driven. This solution is particularly suitable for occasional needs such as a move, a weekend, or the loan of a car. It offers immediate protection and allows you to ride safely for the set period of time.

Why buy temporary car insurance?

Temporary car insurance has many advantages:

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In short, temporary car insurance is an advantageous and flexible solution that makes it possible to meet occasional needs in complete safety and legality. If you are in a situation that requires temporary car insurance, don’t hesitate to ask your insurer about the offers available.