From the black sand beaches to the white buildings with blue domes, to the colorful sunsets that attract travelers from all over the world every day, the Greek island is simply a feast for the eyes. The local hotels are also largely up to the beauty of the Cyclades island. Recently, it was the opening of the Sky Dome that created the event on the web. This property, which offers visitors the opportunity to sleep in a charming setting and enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view, has attracted a large number of visitors…

Santorini Hotel: sleep at the Santorini Sky and enjoy the view from the Sky Dome

In fact, this unique complex in Santorini is located at the highest point. This position allows for incredible moments, especially at sunset or when the stars are out.

Located at an altitude of 609 meters, Sky Dome is a small accommodation. It consists of a transparent igloo equipped with bluetooth speakers with music and LED lights that change color and can be controlled from the customer’s phone.

You can enjoy a good bottle of wine. Please note that you can also add a three-course dinner from Agaze, a popular Santorini restaurant, to complete the experience.

The Sky Dome is part of the Santorini Sky resort, where several private villas are available for rent.

The Sky Dome is open to all residents of Santorini, not just resort guests. Potential external customers can participate in a two-hour experience, timed just in time to enjoy the sunset. On request, the dome can also be reserved throughout the day.

Guests staying in one of Santorini Sky’s private villas had the option of sleeping overnight in the igloo by pre-booking, an incredible way to enjoy the sunset and gaze at the stars.

Vacations, weddings and anniversaries at Santorini Sky

Although Sky Dome is new to the island, Santorini Sky Resort has already received special requests to coordinate wedding proposals, birthdays, surprises, photos and more. Santorini Sky also works with a local team that can arrange customized experiences beyond the existing offerings.

The prices of the experiences offered by Sky Dome start at around 100 euros per couple and can obviously increase depending on the options chosen. Hotel guests receive a discount of approximately €25. For more information on this Greek wonder and to make reservations, visit the Santorini Sky website.

Where to see the sunset in Santorini?

Canaves Oia Epitome Hotel in Santorini

The 8 most beautiful sunsets in Santorini are at :

  • In Oia (above, the sunset from the hotel Canaves Oia Epitome in Oia)
  • At the Lighthouse of Akrotiri.
  • At the Monastério Profeta Elias
  • On the rooftops of the bars of Fira: PK Cocktail Bar, Franco’s Cafe, Mama Thira Taverna…
  • A Skaros Rock
  • Taking a sunset cruise.
  • From Thirassia.