When we go on vacation, we often think of looking beyond the beauty of the landscapes, how to entertain ourselves once we are there to have a little fun or simply to spend a good time alone or with others.

Greece is known to be a great place for vacations where the kindness of the locals, the beauty of the places and the the power of history are so many arguments to join, all seasons, the numerous islands of the country. After a day spent discovering the different treasures of the place, one logically thinks that enjoying the local gastronomy and then the different entertainments proposed could close a day of definitively perfect vacations.

Greece is one of Europe’s leading countries in the field of casino entertainment. The locals are keen on the game and above all, the national authorities have long understood the attraction of international tourists for this practice. Greece has thus become a real land of regulated gambling, to the great pleasure of travelers used to these playful practices.

What is the best casino in Greece?

There is no casino in Athens! Photo by Pixabay, CC0

Prepare your trip to Greece

You can go there for all the reasons mentioned, but also just to play the casino. The numerous organizations present on the territory will allow you to take care of yourself only in this way. However, it would be a shame not to take the time to explore the country, its traditional villages and enjoy the beauty and softness of its beaches, often located at the foot of the nearby mountains.

However, once you have packed your suitcase and know that you may be taking some time to play casino in Greece, it may be worthwhile to practice before you leave. Platforms like these Unibet casino could be of great help before your trip, making sure you can perform at the casino with its rules and secrets.

After the training, you will have to select the best casinos on the island. Where are they located?

Casino of Loutraki

Established in the 1920s, this casino is simply the oldest in Greece and probably one of the most prestigious. Located on the seafront in the spa town that bears its name, facing the Gulf of Corinth. This casino is popular with tourists, but also with locals who do not hesitate to travel from Athens to have fun every weekend.

As one of the largest casinos in Europe, this area is bound to attract gambling enthusiasts. In this matter, the choice is total since all the modern games and which are the reference of this ludic world are present in its heart.

As a reminder, the law in Greece is different from the French law. If the aspect of the thermal cities authorizes the municipalities to have their casino, the age to enter is 21 years, not 18!

Regency Casino Mont Parnes

If you like the luxury of the casino world, this is definitely the place to be. Located on top of Mount Parnitha, the place is steeped in history and the view of the surrounding area is as exciting as the blackjack games played inside.

This luxurious casino is the only one in the region of Attica (Greek law stipulates this), but it is not the least worth seeing.

Rhodes Casino

Mandatory passage through Rhodes, by Pixabay, CC0

If you are in the Dodecanese, take a trip to Rhodes and its casino. On your way to Greece, it is obvious that you have planned to visit this city and its region is simply amazing . Between turquoise water, colorful houses and postcards at every corner, the region welcomes you.

In the evening, relax and enjoy the city’s casino. You can’t miss it!

Cyclades Casino

Located in Ermoúpolis, the casino is worth a visit, even if you don’t feel like playing. Like the others just mentioned, it is located in the heart of an exceptional environment, but remains probably the most atypical of the best casinos in Greece.

Understanding Greek casino law

For a long time, casinos have had a prominent place on advertising campaigns in Greece, as the locals particularly enjoy this entertainment. However, with the advent of the Internet, the tendency was rather to the excitement, not always controlled. This prompted the state to channel the abundance of advertising through a decree in 2020.

The will is to protect minors and fragile players, while allowing Greeks to enjoy a leisure that they have historically been among the first to use.