Crete is one of the largest islands in Europe. A territory that offers tourists an extraordinary heritage of landscapes, archaeological sites, cities with Venetian heritage (such as Heraklion and Chania to mention only) or paradisiacal beaches. So, to visit the Greek island as it should be, it is of course possible to do it yourself, but why not go through a tour operator or a travel agency offering you an organized tour in Crete? In this way, you will miss NOTHING of what the island has to offer, during a customized trip of more than a week, and leave home with the satisfaction of having lived a real immersion!

A tour operator is also the opportunity for you to discover Crete and Greece by boat. To make several stops in the immense Greek archipelago, large of 6000 islands, and to impregnate yourself with the local culture, as soon as you step into the port. From Santorini, to Rhodes, via Corfu and many other magical places to do by boat, the time of a customized cruise.

Visit Crete with a tour operator

What to do in Greece in July and August?

Crete, for us, is to be prepared.

Of course, you can stay in your luxury hotel room for several days to decompress. But it is still an island of incredible richness, to discover fully.

So you have to get organized to see as many as possible. This can be done in 2 ways in our opinion:

  • for a road trip in Crete: rent a car at the airport and cross the island of the Gods from East to West, from North to South. Many people opt for this option and it is true that Crete is a good place for this type of customized vacation.
  • with a travel agency or a tour operator who can offer you THE organized tour that will give you a real insight into the island.

For the 2nd option, do not hesitate to trust a travel agency with many years of experience and especially, because it makes the difference in the quality of a tour, collaborators around the world and in Europe!

Treat yourself to a tailor-made cruise in Greece and Europe

Crete and Greece, as you surely know, are not only visited by land. In Europe, it is THE ideal place to enjoy a cruise with your family or your loved ones. With its paradisiacal islands, its beaches with transparent water, its gastronomy to be tasted from one port to another and especially, its cultural heritage without equal.

Cruise travel is the perfect type of vacation to take the hassle out of planning: come aboard, take your room, enjoy everything the ship has to offer, and explore each port of call to the fullest, taking only the best.

Even if we give you all the tips to travel alone, Crete Autrement recommends you to take a cruise or an organized tour, because there is something for everyone!