How to travel to Crete?

Cretan airports

Heraklion Nikos Kazantzakis International Airport is the main airport of Crete. But there are two other airports on site:

  • Chania, in the west of Crete and the other international airport of the island to fly to from France
  • Sitia, for domestic flights only.

Train, bus, car ferry: 2 days of travel to Crete

  • Take the train from Paris Gare de l’Est to Karlsruhe Hbf Tgv
  • Take the bus from Karlsruhe to Sofia in Bulgaria.
  • Take the bus from Sofia to Piraeus in Greece.
  • Take the car ferry from Piraeus to the capital Heraklion.

Entry requirements for Crete

Can I travel with an ID card to Greece?

Which ID to travel to the Greek island?

  • An identity document (identity card or passport according to the requirements of the destination country).
  • Departure authorization form signed by one of the parents with parental authority if the traveler is a minor.

To know more

Population 621340 h. (2011)
Density 74.54 inhabited / km2
Gentilé Cretan, Cretan
The largest city Heraklion

Which airport to travel to Crete?

The plane remains the easiest and generally the cheapest way to travel to Crete. Companies offering direct flights from France include:

  • EasyJet,
  • Smart Wings,
  • Aegean Airlines,
  • Transavia France,
  • and Volotea.

The French cities serving Heraklion and Chania airports are the following:

  • Brest
  • Deauville
  • Bordeaux
  • Lille
  • Lyon
  • Marseille
  • Metz
  • Montpellier
  • Nantes
  • Nice
  • Paris CDG and Orly
  • Toulouse

How to find tickets to Greece?

How to travel to Crete by ferry?

Via the east of Italy, it is possible to take the ferry: in Ancona to be exact, which has a port of departure. If you are by car it is a good compromise between road and boat.

To connect the Greek capital Athens to Crete, several ferries are also waiting for you:

  • Ferry from Piraeus to Sitia. Anek Lines.
  • Ferry from Rafina to Heraklion. Golden Star Ferries.
  • Ferry from Rafina to Rethymnon. Golden Star Ferries.
  • Ferry from Piraeus to Heraklion. Minoan lines.
  • Ferry from Piraeus to Chania. Minoan lines.

What to do in Crete during your trip?

1. Visit Chania

What to see in Chania?

A historic port full of heritage, emblem of the city of Chania!

The city of Chania (also known as Canea or Chania in Greek) is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places on the island.

Second largest city in Crete after Heraklion, Chania is a cosmopolitan place full of charm. Its historic center classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its Venetian port, its majestic facades and its terraced waterfront make this city a privileged place to stay in Crete.

2. Take a trip to Santorini

Santorini is probably the most famous of the Greek islands. It is located in the Cyclades archipelago, in the middle of the Aegean Sea.

Greece flag

Very close to Crete, Santorini, the most famous village in Greece, is served by about 50 Cretan ferries throughout the week, at a cost of about 2 hours of travel and 48€ per person.

3. See some of the most beautiful beaches in the world

Crete, this Greek island located in the south of Europe, isolated in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, has the happiness to possess among the most beautiful beaches of the continent and, let’s not be afraid to say it, of the world!
the most beautiful beaches
of the continent and, let’s not be afraid to say it, of the world!

Among these wonders of nature, go without hesitation:

What are the most beautiful beaches in Crete?

Preveli, 40km from Rethymno

The stroll in the palm grove of Préveli is usually one of the favorites of tourists and families! Preveli with its monastery and its beautiful beach is a visit not to be missed. The walk in the palm grove below is a must.

Don’t hesitate to consult Maxence’s travel blog who made a very interesting article on Crete allowing you to prepare your trip

Where to go in Crete with your family?

Visit Crete with your family, here is the program:

  • Reserve several days to go to Kalyves, then to Chania, 20km away, as well as the western region of the island: Balos Beach, Elafonisi, Kissamos, Paleochora…
  • a few days in the capital of the island, Heraklion, to visit the city, its surrounding seaside resorts (Hersonissos and Malia in particular) as well as the unavoidable archaeological site of Knossos Palace.
  • Finally, head to the south and east of the island to discover the charm of the hippie village of Matala and its incredible beach, but also the island of lepers Spinalonga or the local St Tropez: Agios Nikolaos.

To sleep comfortably in Crete, here are the most pleasant cities:

Where to go in Crete with friends to party?

Where to go out in Crete?

Where to party in Crete with friends?

You like to party and your next trip is planned on the island of the gods? Here is our selection of the best places in Crete to
party in Crete

  • Gefsis experiences (Heraklion)
  • Swing Thing (Heraklion)
  • Magazi Nightclub (Heraklion)
  • Island of desire (Heraklion)
  • Mojo bar (Analipsi)
  • Peacock Tail Bar (Chania)
  • Alexandros Roof Cocktail Bar (Agios Nikolaos)
  • Yanni’s Rock Bar (Agios Nikolaos)
  • Rob’s Corner pub (Agios Nikolaos)

The best time to go to Crete is from April to October. The summer season is by far the most popular time to visit the most beautiful places in Crete. From June to September: you will have a lot of sun and very little rain.

What is the best time to travel to Crete?

Year-round temperatures

11 à 16°
11 à 16°
12 à 17°
14 à 21°
17 à 24°
21 à 27°
23 à 28°
23 à 29°
21 à 27°
19 à 25°
16 à 21°
13 à 18°

So Crete at the beginning of October is rather perfect, the temperatures are still mild. Depending on the year, the temperature can drop to 11°C and rise to 33°C.

Same for May, June and September.

In addition, these months will allow you to :

  • to meet less people in tourist places
  • pay less for your accommodation on site.

What is the water temperature in Crete?

What is the most beautiful beach in Crete?

A little bath in Elafonisi?

The best time to go to Crete is from April to October. This is THE time for you among the most beautiful beaches of the island:

  • Beach of Triopetra.
  • Beach of Elafonisi.
  • Beach of Balos.
  • Beach of Agios Pavlos.
  • Beach of Vai.
  • Beach of Falassarna.
  • Beach of Kommos.
  • Beach of Preveli.
  • Beach of Matala.
  • Gramvoussa.

The temperature of the sea varies from 16 ° to 26 °.

The wettest months are :

  • November,
  • January
  • and December.

Which island to visit from Crete?

Where is the island of Corfu?

There are a total of 49 ferry routes per week on 8 ferry routes that are operated by 4 companies:

  • Minoan Lines,
  • Anek Lines,
  • SeaJets
  • and Golden Star Ferries.

The fastest crossing takes about 1 hour and 50 minutes (Heraklion to Thera (Santorini)).

Among the most beautiful Greek islands to visit, we recommend :

  • Mykonos,
  • Santorini,
  • Hydra
  • and Corfu

Absolutely beautiful islands where it is difficult not to fall in love with the white villages, the paradisiacal beaches, the small shopping streets and the breathtaking views.