Ah, the food! CNN Travel recently unveiled its ranking of the 10 best cuisines in the world and, as expected, it’s seriously mouth-watering. It must be said that food occupies a special place in the art of travel, and many people choose their destinations based on their tastes… literally! Here are the winners – honouring the stars of the palate: United States, Mexico, Thailand, Greece, France, Italy, China, Japan, India and Spain. Let’s get in the car Simone, let’s make a top 10 of the most appetizing!

10. USA

Let’s start with the United States, which is making the list thanks to its genius for taking popular dishes from around the world and making them even better. Pizza, fries, hamburgers, hot dogs… But they also have their traditional specialties, such as clam chowder, key lime pie and Cobb salad.

9. Viva Mexico

A must for food lovers, Mexican cuisine combines variety, flavor… and an undeniable advantage: health!

Enchiladas, tacos, quesadillas combine the spiciness of Greek salads, the richness of Indian curry, the warmth of Thai cuisine and the conviviality of tapas. Avocado, tomato, lime and garlic provide antioxidants and benefits.

8. Thailand

Thai cuisine is a symphony of complex flavors from street food stalls and ingredients that blend herbs and spices by the hundreds. Influenced by China, Malaysia and other countries, it combines spicy, acidic, salty and sweet textures… Not to mention the warm welcome: a real pleasure!

7. Greece

Greek cuisine is not all white and blue sea! It is a chorus of olive oil – the best of the export – and a real journey through time. Dolma, lentil soup… you’ll be transported to ancient Greece, just for a bite!

The Top 6!

Let’s go, drummer, the rest of the list: France with its rich and buttery food, Italy and its delights in pasta, pizza, ice cream, China which juggles between Sichuan, Canton and Hunan… Japan all in sushi, ramen and tempura. India where spicy curries are king, and finallySpain which makes our mouths water with tapas and paella. What can I say in conclusion? That these ten dream cuisines are only the tip of the iceberg of delights and flavors to be found around the world. Epicurean travelers, gourmets, lovers of good things: let’s not sulk in our pleasure… Let’s fill up on tasty food, wherever we go!