What is the currency of Crete?

If you are planning to spend your vacations in Crete with your family, friends or as a couple, it would be wise to have a minimum of information in order to better prepare yourself. Flight prices, the cost of the stay, but above all its currency are information to look for. You should know that Crete has the great advantage of being in the Euro zone which makes it easier to trade before other countries. If you want to learn more about the currency of Crete, then this article is for you.

The little story

During the 1990s until the end of 2001, the most widely used currency in Greece was the Drachma. To spend his vacations in Crete, it was therefore necessary to pass his funds through the conversion. Thus, after conversion of 2.93 €, the equivalent value obtained was 1000 drachmas.

However, if at first glance this value was high, it does not mean that 2,93 € are enough to spend your vacations there. For the trip to the island alone, you could spend between 10,000 and 20,000 drachmas.

It is on January1, 2002 that everything will change with its entry into the euro zone because of its affiliation with Greece. Since then, the currency used is the euro, although there are some differences in the physical aspect of these currencies.

Indeed, the differences are much more noticeable at the level of the pieces on which, in addition to reading values in Cretan language, one can note a difference in patterns. If you decide to spend your vacations there, it would be best to exchange them.

Benefits of using these currencies

Both sides are bound to win. Indeed, if you are a tourist, you won’t have to worry too much. Apart from exchanging coins, you will feel like you are in a French region and have your currency book in hand.

On the other hand, Crete has been experiencing a rapid economic development since then. The olive oil trade is becoming the main activity while the goat and sheep breeding activity is falling. If this trade of olive oil is in full expansion, it is not only thanks to the ease of exchange between the countries bordering Greece and Crete, but especially thanks to the quality of the products. If in your region in France this trade is not yet flourishing, you can, once in Crete, contact a producer.

As far as agriculture is concerned, it is developed thanks to the currency and is specifically based on the cultivation of tomatoes and vegetables.

The use of the euro in Crete is also facilitated by the fact that tourism is growing, and the majority of tourists come from the euro zone. The tourist products sold are the sea, the mountains, the sun, the archaeological sites and especially the culture of Crete.


The currency of Crete is the Euro, which is a huge advantage for the economy of the island, which also includes scientific universities and welcomes thousands of students from the Euro zone.